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Why every athlete should go bananas for banana?

banana for athletes


Did you know that banana is the number one most common eaten fruit in the entire world? They are widely recommended to be eaten by almost everyone, in every age or physical condition. This old-but-gold tropical fruit is not only super tasty and cheap to purchase. It also packs several important nutritional values that strongly contribute to a healthy body.


Bananas are also the most favorite fruit of athletes. This super food can boost your athletic performance and protect you from different injuries as well. Believe it or not, bananas are the best snack replacer during a physical activity since they contain high amounts of minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers like nothing else as natural as this fruit can ever be.


Coaches and dietitians know how powerful this snack-sized fruit can be especially for endurance athletes. That is why; it is always included in their daily recommendations especially to be eaten before and after each training session. The potassium levels banana contains are scientifically proved to reduce any risk of muscle cramping.



Banana Benefits


Bananas carry a large variety of mental and especially physical health benefits; no one can ever doubt this. On the mental aspect, bananas contribute by delivering the tryptophan element. This is a protein that our body uses to create the serotine hormone (the “happy hormone”). This hormone is the biggest mood booster and strongly promotes relaxation by reducing anxiety level.


While on the physical aspect…



…bananas are a great source of carbs


Carbohydrates contained in bananas are the healthiest types you can ever get. They are super beneficial for any kind of athletic performance. One single medium banana contains around 30 grams of carbs. But carbs are not only beneficial to fuel your athletic performance. They are also essential for your nervous system’s health. Carbs in bananas help your mind be responsive while the reflexes intact.



Bananas are a great source of potassium


Bananas are super rich in potassium. This essential mineral is unfortunately often under-consumed. Potassium is especially beneficial for endurance athletes since it helps in prevention muscle cramping. Especially on athletes that train for more than an hour per day. A normal-sized banana contains more than 450 grams of potassium which is around 20% of the total amount you need daily. Since potassium is an electrolyte, one of its main contributions is on your fluid balance. It helps you retain this balance into your cells while promoting the growth of your muscles.





According to some studies made, Americans consume less than 40 percent of their daily fiber needs. The right amount of fiber per each person, despite their physical activity level, is around 15 grams per each 1,000 calories. A medium banana contains around 4 grams of dietary fibers. Fiber brings many health-related benefits such as reduced risk of gastrointestinal different disorders, reduced excess weight, and healthier bones and muscles.



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