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banana for athletes

  Did you know that banana is the number one most common eaten fruit in the entire world? They are widely recommended to be eaten by almost everyone, in every age or physical condition. This old-but-gold tropical fruit is not only super tasty and cheap to purchase. It also packs…

honey for athletes

  Science is strongly supporting honey as one of the best sugar sources available for endurance athletes. If you’re really aiming to keep your athletic level high in a healthy way, then, you no longer need to rely on sports drinks which are full of highly-refined sugars. Choosing organic honey…

hunger hormones

  Have you ever experienced a day when you felt that there was nothing that would completely satisfy your hunger needs? Have you ever felt that, despite you just eat a pretty large meal you still felt hungry? Well, if you have wondered what was going on with you, then,…

muscle recovery

  If you are one of them who love spending their days training and lifting weights, that’s great. But, between these workout sessions, you have to take some time off and let the muscles recover. If you don’t, then, you can forget achieving your strength-building or fitness goals.   It…


  Carbs are an essential energy source especially during a high intensity physical activity. Or better say, there is no other better source an athlete can use to fuel his training and endurance. Our body cannot generate enough energy from fat like it does from carbs. Carbohydrates are supposed to…

workout meal

The age old question remains: “What should I be eating before and after my workout?!” The answer is relatively simple but easily confused.  The truth is, there is a host of contradictive information out there and it’s hard to know if we are doing the right thing.  Let’s break down…


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