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Gladstone Community Center Kids Triathlon 2014

Gladstone Community Center Kids Triathlon 2014

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Recent Articles

Steps to Optimum Performance through Nutrition: Anti-inflammatory Foods
Purposeful training should be met with purposeful eating in order to achieve success. This article discusses which foods have a detrimental inflammatory effect on the body and how to stay away from them.
Author: Coach Nathan Kark - Lansing, MI
Not Feeling Well: to Train or not to Train
It can be hard to hang up your running shoes, let the bike accumulate a spec of dust, and actually let your swim suit fully dry. However, someone times you just have to.
Author: Coach Nathan Kark - Lansing, MI
How Many Strokes Does it Take to Get to the Other Side of the Pool?
Having an understanding of the number of strokes it takes to move yourself through the water can help increase your efficiency, reduce training time, and increase speed.
Author: Coach Nathan Kark - Lansing, MI
Carbohydrate Replacement Therapy (CRT): The Adult Beverage and the Multisport Athlete
Could your favorite adult beverage (in moderation) actually make you perform better?
Author: Coach Nathan Kark - Lansing, MI
Selecting the Perfect Pair of Swim Goggles for Triathlon
From being able to sight buoys though glare on a lake, to not getting your goggles kicked off from your face on race day, having the proper pair of goggles can make a huge difference in your swimming. With so many different goggles available, how can you confidently pick the pair that is right for you?
Author: Coach Nathan Kark - Lansing, MI
Swimming Tip: Hard Work!
“How do I get faster in the water?” As a triathlon coach, I am asked about how to make improvements in swimming more than any of the three disciplines that make up triathlon. I imagine this is the case because so many triathletes come to the sport having had little or no swimming prior to their quest to be triathletes. Adding to this is the fact that swimming is considered by some to be a finesse-type sport, where everything about the movement of one’s body through the water effects the result. Swimming is a culmination of many precisely coordinated movements that if done correctly, will assist with increasing speed through the water. Some of us think about this and become overwhelmed by the complexity of it.
Author: Coach Lee Gardner - Colorado Springs, CO
Why You NEED to Join a Triathlon Club
Triathlon may be considered an individual sport on race day, but getting to the start line doesn’t have to be. Joining a local triathlon club brings a seemingly endless number of benefits. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned athlete, you can’t go wrong. In addition to group training opportunities, the fun and camaraderie is priceless. The memories will be endless and sharing your passion with other like-minded people is sure to pay off. Not sure if joining a club is right for YOU? Continuing reading and then decide.
Author: Coach Chris Kaplanis - Bergen County, NJ
Why Are You Really Training For That Triathlon?
An article which addresses the right motivations and accompanying holistic approach that a triathlete should address at the beginning of the training and racing season.
Author: Coach Marty Smith - South Jordan, UT
Will You Accomplish Your Goals in 2014? Are You Sure?
I want to lose 10lbs, 20lbs … 50lbs this year. I’m going to floss every day. I want to run a half marathon (or maybe a FULL marathon). I’d like to do a triathlon. I want to get “faster.” At the beginning of every year lots of people set “resolutions” or goals. Often times these resolutions have something to do with health or fitness. Some are realistic and others, … not so much. Health clubs are always PACKED for January and February. By March, it’s no longer difficult to find a parking spot as many New Year’s resolutions are short lived. Below I will take you through 3 keys to stay on track and help accomplish your goals. Let’s make 2014 YOUR year!
Author: Coach Chris Kaplanis - Bergen County, NJ
Is Swim Stroke Analysis Right For You?
LAVA Magazine
Author: Coach SwimLabs - Lake Forest, CA
4 Ways You Can Prepare for 2014 Excellence
Your season has ended, you’ve (hopefully) taken a little time off and the holiday season is quickly approaching. This can only mean one thing. The triathlon preseason is here. Think of the preseason as a new beginning and prime opportunity to start working toward your goals for next year. Are you going long for the first time? Do you want to set a new PR or land on the podium? Below are a few things you can do to prepare for 2014 excellence.
Author: Coach Chris Kaplanis - Bergen County, NJ
Is Your Training Optimized?
If you're struggling with injuries, lack of progress and even sliding backwards, frustration, confusion, anxiety, reduced motivation or a general lack of enjoyment with training and racing, your training is not optimized!
Author: Coach Joe LoPresto - Naperville, IL
The “Secret Training Principle”
The not so “secret” training principle that can bring your swimming, cycling, and running to the next level.
Author: Coach Jason Kilderry - Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey Area, NJ
You’re fast, so you’re a good coach. Right?
I was going through some of my old Track and Field News magazines and came across a gem of an article in the May 2010 edition. The article was titled, "Lewis and Tellez Worried About Coaching Knowledge." The article is very short and to the point, and you can read it below. It’s nice to hear a top athlete and coach express their concerns that too many elite and very gifted athletes are coaching who really should not be. A short and simple must read!
Author: Coach Jason Kilderry - Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey Area, NJ
Setting Goals and Thinking Long Term
As the season winds down, some athletes may be at the end of their triathlon and running seasons. This inevitably leads to the question, "What am I going to do now?" Before you start to make plans for next season, first you must take time to reflect on your last race season. Although it is nice to just reminisce about your successes, a productive reflection process can be achieved in three easy steps. First, think of all of the feats that you accomplished and how all of your hard work paid off. Then, take a look at some things that you may want to do differently in the next season. Lastly, consider the short-term and long-term goals that you would like to achieve.
Author: Coach Jason Kilderry - Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey Area, NJ

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