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  Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Denton County will, as every year, host the 2017 Tri-It triathlon competition on June 11. The event will be held in Lone Star Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park, 1301 S. Railroad Street and it aims to raise enough funds for the children in need.…


    Unfortunately, Pittsburgh Triathlon organizers won’t be able to use the parkway’s HOV lanes for the Pittsburgh Triathlon race (cycling part) this year. This decision came due to several constructions that are currently being made on the Parkway North.   We’re sad to announce the postponement of 2017 Pittsburgh Triathlon…


  Olympic silver medalist was forced to carry his bike after crashing over safety barrier at the Yokohama World Series Triathlon event. His lack of luck was obvious enough to let him frustrated and sad. Especially about not being able to finish this race the way he had planned to.  …


    The 8th annual Sprint Triathlon will officially take place in Cape Coral Yacht Club on Saturday morning. The course will begin with Ross Lenehan, 2016 champion who will provide a quick testing course. It will work as a seminar for newbies that don’t have enough experience and knowledge…

hot foot

  Hot Foot is a common experience to new and sometimes intermediate riders. It is a burning or numbing sensation in one or both feet that prevent a comfortable and efficient pedal stroke. “Hot foot” in cycling, also known as Metatarsalgia, is a condition where the nerves and joint tissues…

Kirsten Kasper

    The U.S triathlete from North Andover, Massachusetts, Kirsten Kasper, was able to earn a bronze medal at ITU Triathlon WC race in Chengdu, China back on Sunday. On the other hand, Chelsea Burns from Seattle was able to win the fifth place.   Both U.S triathletes made sure…


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