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  The National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association (NISCA) has just recently recognized the efforts, skills and dedication the high school student-athletes who have been participating in the beautiful sport of water polo.   The famous and annual All-America list for water polo enthusiasts and athletes aims to not only celebrate…


Tim Hinchey, USA Swimming CEO and Bill Charney, a consultant for the swimming body based in Colorado, have yesterday introduced some new metrics and other key components that will help the body to better monitor and control CEO performance.   The new items aim to help everyone involved in the…

Trifind Triathlon Results and Triathlon coaching blog | USA Swimming director, ZERO tolerance for sexual abuse cases

  USA Swimming gave an official response which was signed by CEO Tim Hinchey to a report of the latest sexual abuse cases which have permanently marked the purity of the sport in USA.   “Let me be clear: USA Swimming does not tolerate sexual abuse or misconduct. And I…


  No one can deny that the last couple of weeks’ facts have probably been the toughest ones for USA Swimming. The sport is rocked by a series of scandalous sexual abuse events which involve hundreds of swimmers, coaches and officials of the sport’s body.   And as if all these shocking…


According to a recent report conducted by the Southern California News Corporate Scott M. Reid which was published a few days ago, USA Swimming apparently has Ignored or tried to covering up hundreds of sexual abuse cases throughout the years.   According to the report, USA Swimming intentionally neglected hundreds of these…


  Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors has described every detail of her coach’s abusive actions in an essay she has published online. Kukors has directly addressed her painful experience and sexual abuse she had to face for many years. She claimed that her former coach Sean Hutchinson started abusing her since she…


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