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Sebastian Kienle

  German triathlete, Sebastian Kienle has just closed his 2017 season with a victory at the Ironman Cozumel. He broke the course record while going sub-8 hours finishing at a total time of 7 hours, 48 minutes and 11 seconds.   #IMCozumel @SebastianKienle leading early in the run. Photo: @TalbotCox…

running man

  As humans, we are always looking for improvement. And runners in particular — well we are a stubborn bunch. We want to improve in every way. We want to run faster, run farther, and all without pesky injuries that will sideline us and keep us from meeting our goals.…


  Every marathon runner comes to a point where he feels the need to go bigger. Well, if you feel that way, maybe it’s because your time has arrived as well. You don’t have to conquer marathon after marathon until the end of your life right?   No worries. Have…

Dublin Marathon

  Yesterday, on Sunday, Dublin Marathon took place and it sure exceeded everyone’s expectations regarding the number of athletes interested in becoming part of the event.   Massive congratulations to our 20,000 participants!! You’re now a proud finisher of the @sseairtricity #DublinMarathon 🏅 pic.twitter.com/WEezMB8JvA — Dublin Marathon (@dublinmarathon) October 30, 2017…


  Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Alex Rodriguez; all have one thing in common, a champion mindset.  When you look around, you see the athletes and fitness starts that you have looked up to for years and admire their tenacity, grit and perseverance.  Not all have equal talents, but…

Olympic Triathlon

  Olympic Triathlon races are one of the most challenging ways to prove your triathlete level and skills. If you think you’re good at being a professional triathlete and have already tested your skills through different types of triathlon competitions such as Sprint Triathlon or Ironman, then it’s time for…


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