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A better runner: 3 New Year’s Resolutions to start immediately


Do you think it’s time for you to take your yearly resolutions seriously so by the end of next year you can finally feel accomplished and happy with yourself? Do you believe you’ve got the strength to challenge yourself to the limits into becoming a faster, better runner and why not, even become part of a marathon?


If you answers have been positive, then don’t just leave these wishes aside, take actions today and focus on creating your personal list of New Year’s goals.

It’s time to work on achieving your goals because after all, having a purpose is what motivates us all to progress in life, right?


Find below three simple steps you can take right now in order to start the New Year with the proper mindset…


Work on building your own meal plan


Opt for a salad at least once a day to replace an unhealthy snack


Trying to stick to healthy choices instead of processed, high-in-carb foods is not enough when trying to work on achieving your dream body which will be able to handle the demands pro running requires.


Do a little research, speak to a dietitian, and check your blood sugar and fat levels to better understand what you should exactly consume during each time of the day and the right amount of each nutritional value.


Taking care of your diet and opting for the healthiest version of you requires you to implement a little science too. Keep in mind that a diet plan that might work for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you and your body needs. That is why we strongly suggest you to speak to a professional in order to accumulate all the right info on building your perfect diet plan.


Lose every extra pound


Whenever you feel hunger, drink at least a glass of water before to see whether it was thirst


Losing all the excess weight is what you should also aim to do since in the beginning if your main goal is to increase your running level and challenge yourself by becoming part of marathons and even triathlons or Ironman events.


Ask whoever you want, every personal trainer, dietitian, nutritionist Etc., they will all agree when saying that in at least 40% of all cases when you feel hunger, in reality, your body needs water. Unfortunately, these two completely different body needs send the same signals to our brain making us believe that we need to eat when in fact, we just need to sip a couple glasses of water.


Drinking plenty of fluids, and regulating your carbs and fat intake is what you need to do. Start by clearing your fridge today. Remove all the junk foods and go grocery shopping first thing tomorrow to refill your kitchen with healthier, richer food versions.


Don’t let anything to stop you from running


Always find time to run, even if it lasts a few minutes


Everyone can find tons of excuses when they want to give one in order to stay at home chilling on their couch. As fun as it might seem, sitting all day at work and then later at your couch won’t help you achieve your dreams and goals. As we said, dreaming is not enough, you have to set the right mindset and always find a reason why you should go out and start running.


Add motivational quotes on your walls, set reminders, tell your friends and family that you cannot go out with them the next few weeks in advance so you can have enough motivation to go for a run since no plans are being previously set.


Establishing a daily running routine is a must! When you feel tired and not in the right mood to run, walk! That’s more than enough to keep you active and in the right shape. After the first couple of months, you will notice that not much work is needed to fuel your motivation and in no time, you will find yourself signing up for your next run event.


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