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10 Surprising Ways Exercise Affects Pregnant Women


For centuries women were discouraged from exercising during pregnancy and as recent as a couple of decades ago, doctors were trying to scare us out of spin classes due to the fear that too much physical movement could be harmful for baby’s health. But it turns out that breaking a sweat can actually be healthy for you and your baby.


So go ahead and sign up for the pilates class you always wanted to join, because researchers have found that inactivity during pregnancy can actually put the lives of mother and the baby in danger.


Don’t use these nine months as license to become a couch potato because lack of physical activity and increase in appetite will eventually lead you down a road of weight gain which can increase your chances of getting a C-section, raise high blood pressure and diabetes risk as well as put your baby’s health in jeopardy over the long term.


So, now that we’ve established that prenatal exercise is completely safe, let’s look at how a regular sweat sesh can actually benefit you and your baby bump. Around 30 minutes of normal exercise is recommended given that it’s a normal pregnancy without any complications or a medical condition.


Exercise during pregnancy helps maintain a good posture and aids in fitness and health. Not only that but it can also help relieve discomfort like fatigue and back pain.


However, pregnant women with heart related diseases, asthma or diabetes should exercise without consulting their physician. Women with complications such as a weak cervix, low placenta, bleeding/spotting, recurrent miscarriages, history of premature births should completely avoid exercising unless guided and supervised by a qualified medical expert.


Healthy baby, healthy mom


Keep reading to find out how simple exercises such as running can go a long way for the health of the baby and the mother.


1) Lesser weight gain: Studies show that women who exercise during pregnancy gain a lot less weight than those who don’t.


2) Easier labor and delivery: This isn’t guaranteed but pushing out a baby can become easier with a strong cardiovascular system and increased stamina.


3) Lowers risk of gestational diabetes: Cardio can lower the risk of diabetes in women especially during pregnancy when they are more prone to getting Type II diabetes due to elevated blood sugar levels.


4) Lesser pain: A pain-free childbirth? Sign us up please. Exercising, yoga and sufficient water intake reduces cramps and aches during pregnancy.


5) More energy: Walking for 10 minutes can rejuvenate your spirits and give you energy and stamina.


6) Shorter labor: Women who exercise during pregnancy have shorter labor than those who spend their 9 months Netflix and chilling.


7) Baby has a healthier heart: If you follow an unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy, it is bound to affect your baby’s health as much as it is yours. Research shows that babies with inactive mothers are at a higher risk of developing heart issues than their exercising counterparts.


8) Avoid prenatal depression: A very common condition in pregnant women which can be improved immensely by exercising.


9) Immune system remains string: Exercising strengthens the immune system and protects the mother from diseases.


10) Better sleeping routine: After all, sleep is really important and exercising women sleep much better than those who don’t.


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