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  Your running form can instantly give way to whether you’re a casual jogger or a fast runner.  If you’re one of those who is prone to injury, or has a noticeable idiosyncrasy to your form, you may suffer from a variety of form-related issues.  Injuries like tendonitis, stress fractures,…


  You’re only hurting yourself in the gym if you do the wrong exercises; ones that don’t develop muscle groups that are involved in running (like bench press or military press).  When lifting, you want to focus on stabilizing muscles in your legs and your core – pay only some…

running recovery

Of all the events that make up the sport of triathlon, none has the ability to put wear on the body quite like the run. When I am creating and adjusting training plans for my athletes, I always have to allow the most recovery for run workouts (particularly high intensity…


  Do you want to shuffle to the finish line or finish strong at your next race?   If you’re like me then you want to kick butt and collect your finisher’s T-shirt and medal knowing you came prepared and gave it your all.  This means you’ll have to do…


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