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winter running

  The truth is, cold, winter season challenges even the most dedicated runners. Shorter days, dropped temperatures, wind, rain/snow are all some of the main factors that make running fans thinks twice before they hit the road in the winter. That is why, we’ve prepared for you a list of…

running event

  For all of you who are still not familiar with this interesting event, now it’s time to be. This winter-themed running event that took place for the first time in 2016 has instantly become quite popular among people, especially in UK. Cancer Research UK Manchester Winter Run will now…

sun exposure

  The claim that vitamin D can really bring some changes on an athlete’s performance, has been made frequently over these last years. But, is this true? There are some studies made regarding this subject which indicate that optimal levels of vitamin D can enhance physical performance.  Also, it brings…

running injuries

  Running is positively connected with many heath related benefits to the lowered risk of premature deaths, stronger cardiovascular system, reduced risks of obesity, and improvement of many chronic health problems. One of the most popular running forms is the long distance one. It attracts millions of people every year…

running diet

  When you make running your primary workout type and start practicing it regularly, then, you know it’s time to make some changes and adjustments on your diet. Regulating your eating habits is a very smart thing to do especially when you’re thriving to get and feel the best while…

yoga for runners

  Being a runner means you often get to experience soreness, muscle injuries, tightness and many other physical side effects. Despite how a perfect runner you might be, after a nine to five day, staying static, your muscles and bones get weak and start losing their elasticity, power and flexibility.…


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