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4 ways to speed up your muscle recovery

muscle recovery


If you are one of them who love spending their days training and lifting weights, that’s great. But, between these workout sessions, you have to take some time off and let the muscles recover. If you don’t, then, you can forget achieving your strength-building or fitness goals.


It is important to not only be aware for the importance that a day off has; you have to also learn how to use this day and rest. It is crucial to follow the right resting habits. Don’t assume that relaxing on your couch watching TV is the way to go, because it’s not! That is why, we’ve prepared for you a list of four tips and habits you need to learn and follow if you want your recovery time to be as effective as it should. Remember: if you really want to get the most out of each workout, you must prioritize the post-training recovery time and effectively supplement your muscles.


One full rest day each week and a massage


Yes, you need to take at least a day off from each week. When training too hard without resting, our muscles tear in small places and different areas. That is why, they need a day off to rebuild. Muscles cannot get stronger and lean while exercising. Only a good rest and a good night sleep can do that. Especially if you’re an endurance athlete, letting your muscles recover once in a while is crucial.

According to some studies, when giving yourself a nice, muscle recovery massage, at least once or twice a month, you make your delayed muscle soreness to decrease by almost 40 percent! At the same time, massage reduces our muscle’s swelling and increase the blood flow to them.



Work on your joints


Always try to keep your wrists, arms and knees moving. By working in a low-intensity, circular mode, you allow these areas to stay hydrated, nourished by bringing fresh, essential synovial fluids to lubricate while expelling all scar tissues and other body wastes.

Be careful to not overdo these movements and prevent the overextending. Try to at least move these parts for 15-30 minutes when on the day off and keep the circles regular and rhythmical.



Hydration and nutrition


Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons why you suffer so often from muscle soreness. Especially when feeling too much pain, it means you need to hydrate ASAP! You need to stay hydrated for many reasons, but, since we’re talking about your recovery time, keep in mind that fluids are ones to make your body toxins flush out.

Also, choosing the right pre and post workout nutrition is as vital as knowing how to train. Try to consume 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to proteins before and after each training session in order to feed and protect your muscles. Without these two elements, muscles will be unable to properly recover, rebuild and stay strong! They are the first fuel you need to take especially when training hard!



Consume potassium


Including potassium in your post-workout meal and especially on your day off, is a must. You must know that, after working out, your potassium reserves will be sapped. That is why, just like calcium, this element is vital to make the muscle properly function and work. Without getting the necessary potassium, chances for you to suffer from different muscles injuries are higher. You can find potassium in bananas or potatoes.  So, try to start your day off with a banana on cereals and close it with some smashed potatoes to give your muscles that extra boost they need.



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