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  Many marathoners focus their attention solely on the details of training. But knowing how to prepare for and recover from your long runs may be just as important as the run itself. Here are 5 simple tips to prepare for and recovery from your marathon training long runs  …

build muscles

  Despite the fact world is constantly focusing on how to lose weight, there are many people who are actually struggling to build muscle and gain some additional pounds. Is perfectly normal to want this as long as you are naturally thin and, it seems, every effort you put into…

body goals

  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And there is a good reason behind it. It helps us banish our cravings, replenish our energy stores and most importantly, boost our brain power and metabolism.   Breakfast benefits are also science-proved and it is a must for any…

muscle recovery

  If you are one of them who love spending their days training and lifting weights, that’s great. But, between these workout sessions, you have to take some time off and let the muscles recover. If you don’t, then, you can forget achieving your strength-building or fitness goals.   It…

muscle strength training

  If you don’t know what muscular strength is, it refers to the power and also capacity of your muscles to undergo train and stress in order for them to perform a variety of moves and activities by stretching, pushing, extending, pulling and flexing your entire joints in your body.…


  Carbs are an essential energy source especially during a high intensity physical activity. Or better say, there is no other better source an athlete can use to fuel his training and endurance. Our body cannot generate enough energy from fat like it does from carbs. Carbohydrates are supposed to…


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