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Best way to choose breakfast according to your specific goals

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And there is a good reason behind it. It helps us banish our cravings, replenish our energy stores and most importantly, boost our brain power and metabolism.


Breakfast benefits are also science-proved and it is a must for any type of activity that your day may involve. Many studies related to eating breakfast have shown how people who never skip it are able to maintain a healthier body, a steady blood glucose level and also, they can achieve their body goals way more easy that people who constantly skip this meal. This is mostly explained due to the fact people who don’t eat breakfast, crave more food during the day and as a result, they have less time to spent all the nutrition values and energy sources they got. Also, their metabolism works slowly, that is why they find it very difficult to lose weight.


OK, now that we know how important eating breakfast is, how we can determine which kind of breakfast is the one that best works for us? The truth is, there are tons of healthy choices for us to choose from. Experts recommend us to adjust it according to our daily activity and body goals. Different routines require different breakfast choices. A person who is trying to lose weight should adjust the meal components differently from someone who wants to gain some weight or has an extremely busy schedule.


Here are some options we all need to consider when choosing the best, perfect breakfast for our specific needs that will not only boost our brain’s work and make our muscles perform at their best, they will also help us achieve our long-term and short-term body and lifestyle goals.



If you’re trying to lose weight


breakfast to lose weight


If you’re trying to lose those pounds that have been bothering you for a long time, then, skipping breakfast or eating a small meal, means you will have to wait for a long time until you can really see the wanted results. Skipping breakfast is never a smart choice. Instead, try to reduce your coffee intake. If you prefer blended coffee drinks, randomly offered in coffee shops, then, you need to know you’re taking more than 250 calories in each cup! Replacing it with a cup of green tea, means you are still going to get the caffeine but you will be able to lose more than 25 pounds since the first year of creating this habit!


Add eggs and fruits on your breakfast. Many studies have shown how beneficial can eggs be especially for people aiming to lose weight and be healthy. The proteins that the egg-white contains are easily digested by our system and also, fruits, oatmeal and honey will make your hunger stay away for at least 4-5 hours. In the meanwhile, you can invest in drinking enough fluids to help your digestive system work more efficiently and quickly.



You’re too busy to eat lunch in time


busy schedule


If you know you probably won’t have the chance to eat lunch in time, then, the best breakfast choice for you would be a meal filled with slow digesting fats, fibers and proteins. These elements are the ones that have the ability to make your stomach work and maintain you full for a longer time. They act like barriers to digestion of carbs. Try including black beans, eggs, chicken and cheese. Studies have shown that people, who consume this kind of breakfast, consumed almost 30% less calories during the lunch. They were also able to be more focused during the working hours.



If you want to maintain your body weight


If you’re happy with your body and want to continue keeping it in that way, and in the meanwhile, investing in your health, then, you are lucky! You can choose between endless of food choices. Feel free to aim getting more than 400 calories during breakfast time. Making an omelet, adding some cheese and some mushrooms is a great choice. Add a cup of mixed fruits with honey and don’t skip protein, carbohydrates and fibers. The best thing to do, is trying to include foods belonging to all macro-nutrients groups.




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