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rowing machine

  If you decide to join a gym, one of the first things you need to try, is the Rowing Machine. Regular rowing workout is the perfect way to work towards you maximum fitness level. Especially if working out has just recently become your thing. Even though it might seem…


  We all know how essential working out is for our overall health. It delivers us some benefits nothing else can. While any kind of activity is good for our body, it seems that some workout routines and types of exercises won’t deliver the wanted and expected results. If you…

belly fat

  Belly fat is one of the biggest concerns women usually have to face. Today, we are exposed to many “fancy” ways that promote weight loss in a very short time. While it seems that there isn’t a “magic” bullet that can really target the abdominal area in particular, people…

weight loss myths

Everyone wants to look good and be in shape. Many people see weight loss as something that will first of all make them be healthier. Then, losing also means a better-looking physique, more energy, a healthy body and a happier life.   All these reasons bring us to a very…

working moms

  Sticking to a workout routine can be a real struggle for almost anyone. There are so many things we need to do and take care of during a day; we barely find time to take a bath. Job, house chores, grocery shopping, and tons of other things, make the…

core training

  Since we use our core for almost everything we do in our daily life, is not a big surprise why we need a strong one to fully support us. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to do is associating core training with a trained, well-defined stomach and abdominal…


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