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4 weight loss myths you need to stop believing

weight loss myths

Everyone wants to look good and be in shape. Many people see weight loss as something that will first of all make them be healthier. Then, losing also means a better-looking physique, more energy, a healthy body and a happier life.


All these reasons bring us to a very important matter. What is the most effective way to lose weight? And by that, we mean to not risk the health or anything else. Setting some realistic goals means you have just started this journey in the right. But, which are considered to be these right, realistic goals? Are diets an option to consider? Are you doing something wrong when while trying to lose those extra pounds?


There are however many myths surrounding this delicate topic. With so many diets, training plans and weird weight loss methods, it seems everything is just suitable enough to work for everyone despite their body type, lifestyle, etc. But, with all the conflicting advices out there, how do you navigate your way through all the questions and confusion? Below, you can find a list of lies and myths so you can once and for all, battle with the truth aside you.



Carbs are bad


Experts agree that this is one of the biggest myths people still believe in. The truth is, carbs are not all created in the same way. You need to avoid only the processed ones which are often very high in sugar. Carbs are an essential energy source and also, help our brain to properly function. Try to choose healthy carbs over unhealthy ones like for example, whole grain breads, brown rice, beans etc.



When you eat and train regularly, you can never gain weight


In order to keep your body healthy and in shape, you need to make some lifestyle changes according to your age and metabolism. Some people might even have to train a little harder in order to achieve the wanted results. Also, there are many others who have to eat a more controlled and balanced diet in order to be healthy enough. As we age, our metabolism slows down. So, some metrics need to change in order to achieve the wanted what you’ve been working for so long.



Eating few times a day, small meals, will help you lose weight


Well, it will, but the thing is, do you want to lose the weight and risk everything else? Do you think the lost weight will stay away when you get back to your normal lifestyle? The answer is: NO! It doesn’t matter how many times you eat during a day, what matters is what you eat! For example, if you’re loading up on junk foods, even though you only eat twice a day, the damage you’re making to your body and the weight you are gaining cannot compare to the effects eating some healthy meals, 5 times a day will do to you. Eat mindfully! Stop living with the idea that junk foods are more tasteful. It’s not! If you stop and think for a while, you’ll see how amazingly good and tasty can healthy foods really are!


healthy diet


Classifying foods as “bad” or “good” ones


You cannot categorize the foods you eat through these two adjectives only. There are many foods that you may have classified them as super healthy ones and still ending up overrating them. For example, eating too many berries will make your blood sugar levels instantly increase. Also, eating to many avocados, will make you ate too many calories. So, the best thing to do is classify foods according to their nutritional values. Your body needs all kinds of elements in order to properly function. Never consider fatty foods or the ones which contain carbs as “bad” ones. They are essential for your health when eating them in a moderate way. When trying to lose weight through exercise, eating carbs, proteins and fats is a “must” thing to do in order to keep muscles functioning and healthy.



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