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  If you haven’t heard about fat freezing method before, then it’s time to learn all about it. CoolSculpting was first approved in 2010 and it has gained popularity and attention only recently. It is a weight-loss technology who promises to make you lose fat by literally freezing it. This…

tabata workout

  Tabata is a workout which involves a set of high intensity exercises for 20 seconds, including lunges, jumping jacks, etc. and 10 seconds rest in between them. One Tabata exercise routine typically is divided into 8 intervals, lasting 4 minutes in total! If you’re not familiar with Tabata, then…

fitness tracker

  The popularity of Fitness Trackers has already exploded. The main intention of this fitness device is to track and measure our daily physical activity in terms of calories burned and steps. Today, many brands offer hybrid, additional services such as sleep quality tracking, GPS etc. With so much Fitness…

everyday training

    There are two kinds of people when it comes to creating a workout routine. In the first category are the ones who stick to just on single kind of training style. For example doing only Yoga, Pilates, HIIT training or Cardio. Also, in the second category, are the…

HIIT during pregnancy

Can pregnant women do HIIT? Almost everyone knows HIIT is a high intensity training regime including exercises performed in some high intensity intervals. Some of HIIT exercises include running, squats, and heavy liftings. It is considered to be one of the most effective training ways a person can do. It…

get in shape

  Both, women and men respond differently to specific trainings. Also, their bodies cannot respond the same to the nutrition values as well. That is why, many trainers embrace the fact they cannot get into practice the same, identical workout programs for their man and women clients. It’s not a…


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