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Why is everyone going crazy about Tabata?

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Tabata is a workout which involves a set of high intensity exercises for 20 seconds, including lunges, jumping jacks, etc. and 10 seconds rest in between them. One Tabata exercise routine typically is divided into 8 intervals, lasting 4 minutes in total! If you’re not familiar with Tabata, then you should start being cause everyone is going crazy about it. This kind of exercise has made many universities and other research institutions, to seriously put it under the spot light and verify its fitness benefits. Keep in mind that this advanced fitness technique, is not for newbies. If you want to seriously deal with Tabata, then, before you start practicing it, you must first build some muscle and cardiovascular strength.


Tabata is actually considered to be perfect for all people in lack of time due to their busy schedule and who want to still control their body weight and keep a high fitness level. According to some researches, Tabata workouts can efficiently boost everyone’s cardiovascular strength.

Good news is, you can input in your Tabata workout almost every exercise you think of.  But, today, people and coaches are seeing amazing results by including the 20/10 second rule in almost any type of exercise.  The key to perform the right Tabata, is to let your body go as fast as it can. With full power in each exercise you choose to include in. While performing Tabata, you should stretch your limits to the max during the 20 seconds workout and then, allow yourself a 10 second rest.



What did Tabata method proved?


Dr. Tabata was the man who invented this type of routine. His main intention was to see if athletes can benefit using a 20/10 type of workout. He’s study showed that they who did Tabata resulted to be a perfect method to maintain an advanced fitness levels, while losing weight and increasing endurance. This short but powerful workout’s benefits are proved by many followed studies. These researches prove Tabata to be as powerful as a full 90-minutes workout session! Pretty impressive right? Tabata also teaches our body to tolerate lactic acid, keep our metabolism running and strengths our heart and bones.


Another study with 16 students with a fitted body, made by the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse came into a surprising result regarding Tabata workout. All the students involved in the research tried a 20 minutes physical activity beginning with 5 minutes of warm-up. During the other 15 minutes, they did Tabata (four rounds). After calculating their fitness parameters, researchers found that the physical and cardiovascular impact Tabata workout left to them was identical like the parameters found in any other High intensity workout. The weight losing and cardio benefits were amazing!


A typically Tabata exercise routine can include several HIIT-oriented exercises. All performed in 20 seconds each with a 10 seconds brake in between. Creating your personal Tabata routine with more than 5 exercises, is a perfect way to complete your daily training in less than 20 minutes. Some of the most commonly used exercises when performing them via Tabata method, are: Push-ups, jumping ropes, jumping jack, squats, crunches, leg raises, deadlifts, stairs, sprints and shoulder press. The best part of it, the mental and physical impacts will speak for themselves.



Last tip


When choosing your Tabata exercise kit, try to include the ones which train many muscles in the same time. Especially large muscles like legs and arms. When training in a Tabata mode, the diet you choose plays a very important role. Remember you need a lot of energy resources to handle the intensity on which Tabata is build. If your nutrition is poor, then many risks can come to your way. Starting from different muscles injuries, and finishing with an overworked heart.  Tabata might be one of the most dynamic types of trainings, so, the physical preparation must be complete.






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