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training schedule

  Whether you are a beginner athlete looking to first dip your toes into endurance sports with your first 5k run or sprint triathlon, or if you are a seasoned athlete looking for a year of PRs and podiums, there’s one thing that is most common among us all; and…


  Have you ever heard about plyometric exercises? Well, if you haven’t, be patient, we’re just about to show you how fun and intensive this kind of workout really is. Plyometric mimics the dynamic moves we all have done as kids when skipping and jumping around our yard and playground.…

muscle strength training

  If you don’t know what muscular strength is, it refers to the power and also capacity of your muscles to undergo train and stress in order for them to perform a variety of moves and activities by stretching, pushing, extending, pulling and flexing your entire joints in your body.…

pool abs exercise

  If through all this time, you have seen the pool as an opportunity to drink a fresh fruit cocktail while dipping your toes in the fresh water, then you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s time to once and for all, learn the true and amazing workout benefits water…

outdoors running

  Neither the extreme cold nor the hot summer days can keep a good runner inside. While most of the people would prefer going at the gym, where the air conditioner and temperature are perfect, runners seem to enjoy challenging themselves in almost every weather condition and time. Their choice…

active life

  Depending on technology, apps, email and many other technology helpers, it is no wonder why people have lost their walking instincts. It’s called the sitting disease and most of the people suffer from it. Have you ever thought how many hours you spend sitting during your waked hours? Driving…


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