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Pros and Cons of Plyometric exercises. Most common questions answered



Have you ever heard about plyometric exercises? Well, if you haven’t, be patient, we’re just about to show you how fun and intensive this kind of workout really is. Plyometric mimics the dynamic moves we all have done as kids when skipping and jumping around our yard and playground. This is why; plyometric is the synonym of “jump training”. This dynamic and rhythmical training style, involves a technique that can be used for many different purposes. For example, you can train by doing plyometric exercises for sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and many others as long as you need to use explosive movements in order to best train your physique and scalp your muscles.



Why does plyometric work?


Well, it works like anything else. And you know why? Because every single time you jump, your muscles get a stretch by making every following jump more and more powerful. The reason why the muscles get so quickly in shape is because of the contrast between the muscle stretching and muscle contracting. That’s because plyometric exercises mean you’ll do a series of normal exercises while jumping and hopping in a fast and balanced way.

Another reason why plyometric is so effective is because when doing these kinds of exercises, you are also forced to take some rest and let the muscles and bones properly recover.


This workout type is not for beginners. So, if you are currently living a sedentary life, you should never start doing plyometric since in the beginning. Then, after a while, you should start slowly adding some specific plyometric moves before building all of your workout routine around plyometric exercises.

But, if you’re looking to improve your muscular speed, power and endurance, or, if you’re a professional athlete trying to sculpt and define your physique, and work on your cardiovascular system, then, you should definitely include some plyometric exercises in your training session.



Are plyometric exercises risky?


Well, the only real disadvantage plyometric exercises have is the risk of muscular and bone injuries. Especially if you’re new into this form of training. That’s why; everyone should start doing light exercises for a short period of time. Adjust and train your muscles before you play hard on them. If you suffer from arthritis or have other joint issues, then, you should not involve yourself into plyometric.



Common asked questions


“How can I use plyometric in my training routine?”


You can perform many type of exercises into a plyometric way. One of them is by adding a plyometric section in the beginning, middle or end of your normal exercise routine. 2-3 types of exercises, performed while jumping and hoping in an intense rhythmical way, will do the trick.

Also, you can add some contrast on your regular exercise sets. For example, if you’re doing a normal weighted lifting, then, after finishing the set, you can immediately start a new one in a plyometric way but without the load. Or when doing squats, you can add some jumping squats after the regular ones, performed at the same time with the same amount of sets and repetitions.



“Can plyometric help me loose fat?”


Plyometric is also called a “hot breed of cardio”! It is able to burn the maximum amount of calories in a very short time. All this, by toning and scalping the body in an incredibly way. Well, burning calories means your burning all your excess fat. Including plyometric exercises in your routine, means you’re about to lose some serous weight in an effective short way. Some of the most recommended exercises to be done in plyometric way are:  sumo jumps, squat jumps, lunge jumps etc. Remember, you need to eat some healthy carbs and fats before you involve yourself in these types of exercises. You don’t want to get injured and fall asleep when working out right?


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