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8 reasons running is better than the gym

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Neither the extreme cold nor the hot summer days can keep a good runner inside. While most of the people would prefer going at the gym, where the air conditioner and temperature are perfect, runners seem to enjoy challenging themselves in almost every weather condition and time.

Their choice is also approved by the science. Many studies and researches have shown some interesting results comparing the outdoor physical activity with the indoor one.

We’re highlighted here for you, 8 strongest reasons why wearing your running shows and going out, can actually be a more productive and healthier way to live your life than going to the same indoor-type gym…



Strong heart


Did you know that when running, the interior lung’s ventricles that do the pumping of our blood have the ability to be increased by almost 20%? When this happens, all our vital organs and including heart too, get a full blood supply. When people run as their primary physical activity, have a 55% lower risk for all kinds of heart diseases. This was proved by a study made by Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Running also helps reduce bad cholesterol which is linked to hear attacks and high blood pressure. So, what are you waiting for? Get out and forget about the gym which can never be able to give you so many benefits at once!



Reduces depression


Well, running is one of the best ways to help reduce depression! This is something no one can deny and it’s scientifically approved. When running, our body releases endorphins which have the ability to elevate our overall mood! No other activity can have the power running does when suffering from condition.



Great for the lungs


Running is one of the best types of activates to increase the lungs function. It is perfect for improving our respirator muscles’ function and also, it increases our lung’s volume. When doing this activity, it is scientifically proved that it causes alternations in the elasticity of our lungs.



Vitamin D


If you’re still not convinced about the benefits running can give you compared with gym, then we’re sure this reason will make up your mind. Vitamin D, is one of the most important vitamins a person can get from being outside. Our bodies doesn’t have the ability to produce it by themselves, so it is essential to be taken form an out source. According to some studies, including one made from Harvard Health Publications, vitamin D can perform miracles in our body starting from various disease’s preventions to a happier mental state.



Get lean


Sometimes, you don’t need to try new things in order to find the best possible way for burning calories while building a fitted body. Running is a classic training, our body is programed to do it as the main activity, so, there’s almost nothing that can surpass it. Only with 20-30 minutes of run a day, can burn as much calories as an hour of doing weight lifting at the gym.





Let’s face it; paying for the monthly gym membership is a little overrated. Just thing about all the money you’re spending just for being in a room full of other people with limited exercising areas and dirty equipment… On the other hand, nature is free, clean and fills your lungs with oxygen.



Memory improvement


According to several studies made, just 30 minutes spent outdoors running or doing any other physical activity that works as a cardio, can improve our memory by 21%! It is also proved that running can significantly improve our overall attention and focusing abilities. So, for all of you who’re constantly struggling to remember things you learn or being more focused during your working or studying hours, thinks twice when decide which kind of activity you’ll go with…



Fun and interesting without getting bored


When at the gym, the possibilities for all kind of cardio exercises do exist. But, running or cycling inside one room, viewing all the time at the same direction and spot, might be a little too boring, don’t you think? While, when running or cycling outside, you get to experience and choose the route you want. Viewing to all kinds of scenery and exploring new areas, can really work as a therapy for our overall health.


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