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The price you pay for a sedentary life

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Depending on technology, apps, email and many other technology helpers, it is no wonder why people have lost their walking instincts. It’s called the sitting disease and most of the people suffer from it. Have you ever thought how many hours you spend sitting during your waked hours? Driving while going to work, and then sitting from 9 to 5, then back to your couch… Sitting disease indicates a sedentary lifestyle which may have the potentials to put your overall health at risk. And this is something science strongly approves!


Many researches have shown all the disadvantages and risks this commonly lifestyle brings. Most of them are related to cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Obesity is also a big concern along with high blood pressure and mental problems.  An active life creates the best possible body conditions to prevent almost all kinds of diseases! Proved by hundreds of studies, having a full-of-activates lifestyle means a healthier longer life mentally and physically too. With no premature death.


Living a sedentary life has brought many problems to our society today, starting from how we all feel so stressed and tired about everything souring us, or, how most of us suffer and struggle to lose that extra weight. The biggest mistake we do, is underestimate the power of an active lifestyle! We underestimate the risks a “sitting most of the day” life can potentially bring to us. Starting to change our sedentary life requires much more effort than purchasing a fitness tracker or hours spent at the gym. The first change should be made in our mentality.



Listen to your basic instincts


Human body is designed to move! This is what our ancestors have done for thousand and millions of years. Survival needs have made our body be capable and ready to handle a high intensity activity, not sitting all day on a chair and reading this article…


Our basic instincts are there to help us improve this kind of lifestyle. Why the need of so much apps and gadgets to do the work for us. Can’t we really do at least some of them by moving on our feet? Can’t we go and purchase the products at the store without ordering them online? The thing is, we can always find the necessary time to handle and manage these extra chores. We just need to prioritize things.



Bad news


Did you know that even if we go to them gym and train every single, we might still live a sedentary life? Researches show that when we live in a sedentary mode for an extended period of time, without any physical activity during a day, we still have the same risks for high cholesterol, premature death weight gain and many other diseases like the ones who do not commit themselves to any activity at all? You see, the thing is, it doesn’t really matter if we spend an hour a day at the gym. If all the remaining time of that day is spent sitting, then it is still a sedentary life! In order for a life to be called an active one, we have to compare the hours spent in an active mode with the sedentary ones. If these parts have a big difference between them, then you can say you’re living the kind of life whose time is significantly greater that the other one.


The timing of activity is the most essential part when calculating the lifestyle type. If your fitness tracker tracked over 10,000 steps and all of them were made in just one hour, then you might still be living a sedentary life. This by sitting all day after that acidity hour. Quite the opposite happens when you have made all the necessary steps during many hours. Then, you can hope for more health benefits than in the first case. Still, when compared with a lifestyle with no activity at all, the first case with only one hour of activity is way better and provides us with many benefits.


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