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Three golden rules to get in the best shape of your life!

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Both, women and men respond differently to specific trainings. Also, their bodies cannot respond the same to the nutrition values as well. That is why, many trainers embrace the fact they cannot get into practice the same, identical workout programs for their man and women clients. It’s not a big surprise given the fact that more than 90% of body hormones between both sexes are different.

Also, how a specific workout routine works for someone, cannot work in the same way for someone else. Genetics, lifestyle, stress level and many other factors, should be taken into a deep consideration before wondering why you cannot achieve your body goals.


Unfortunately, genetics cannot be changed, but Lifestyle along with the stress level can. They can be managed accordingly in order to make everyone’s training count! There are some rules and advices everyone needs to follow because after all, staying in shape has to do a lot with science. By keeping your eyes open, and learning to practice these below-mentioned life-changing rules, inspired by the science of nutrition and body, your life will be changed immediately. You will definitely be more healthy, live longer and achieving your body goals will be a piece of cake! Not literally, please don’t go and eat that last piece of cake on your fridge…



Stay hydrated


We know, you’ve probably heard about this subject many times before, but we just can’t help it. Hydration has so many wonderful and in the meanwhile, so dangerous effects when in lack, we cannot skip and just assume you already know all of them. Our body uses all the fluids, to make all our organs to properly function. Without enough hydration, our body system cannot work properly.  Especially when training. Hydration regulates body temperature and also, it plays an important role in our heart rate. When in lack of fluids, our body cannot cool itself and by being unable to do so, we lose energy, our muscles cramp and we feel very tired. Try to always drink water 30 minutes before you start working out. Or better say, you need to give your body enough fluids since the moment you wake up in the morning. Drinking a decent amount of water and keeping your body hydrated, is the first, essential step into being healthy and in shape.



Never skip a meal, especially when working out


Skipping meals is one of the biggest mistakes people tend to do when trying to lose weight. By doing so, we don’t only make losing weight impossible, but we also put our health in a risky situation. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, will make our blood sugar levels to significantly drop. Sugar and calories are what makes our body function and move. If they’re in a low level, our system and its organs can never work properly. Feeling tired and sleepy will be the most common feeling when skipping meals. Putting our body in a starvation mode and slowing our metabolism are some dangerous side effects of this bad habit that will make our digestive system to not properly process all the foods we take. Also, our system will be unable to properly burn the calories and other nutrition when eating too little and too rarely. If you’re thriving for a healthy, toned and perfect body shape, keep in mind that every meal is important.  To train in the right way, you fist need to fuel your machine (body). Eating at least 5 small meals a day would be perfect for all of us! What really matters is to know what we should eat and the specific amount.



Choose the right type of workout


Seeing how someone has achieved the perfect body by doing weight training, doesn’t necessarily means you need to do so. Everybody responds differently to each type of exercise and workout routine. You just need to figure out which type works for you. Before deciding your workout regimen, the first thing to do is to choose a realistic goal. We all have different goals whether we desperately need to drop some weight, or get toned, or improve our cardio performance, add muscles etc.  The key to determining the right workout plan is to first get to know your body type, and then, accommodate the training routine according to it.  By doing so, the body will better respond to each exercise and everything you include in your workout plan will be more effective. No one needs to change the workout routine, or try to follow someone else’s plan.  Choose to do what your body naturally feels like doing. What makes your inner self and body feel happy and good? If you don’t like doing weights, then don’t. If you like cycling, swimming or pilates, the do them. But, after deciding what you need to do and feel comfortable with, you should stick with it and follow through. Results don’t come only by liking something. You need to work for them.

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