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cardiovascular exercises

  First of all, you must know what does Cardiovascular Training really means. We’re pretty sure you hear this phrase all the time. But, what is the definition of this type of physical activity? Why is it so important especially for endurance athletes?   Scientifically speaking, a cardiovascular training routine…


    When does overtraining happen?   Naturally, we expect the hard work to pay us off eventually. After all, in every other field of life, working hard means you have bigger chances to achieve the wanted results right? Well, exercise and other types of trainings don’t actually work like…

gym training program

  Whether you’ve just starting to go to the gym, or have been going there for years, there are some mistakes every one of us from time to time make without noticing the negative impacts certain habits might have. And by negative, we mean you won’t get the wanted results…

get in shape

  Both, women and men respond differently to specific trainings. Also, their bodies cannot respond the same to the nutrition values as well. That is why, many trainers embrace the fact they cannot get into practice the same, identical workout programs for their man and women clients. It’s not a…


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