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Can pregnant women do HIIT?

HIIT during pregnancy

Can pregnant women do HIIT?

Almost everyone knows HIIT is a high intensity training regime including exercises performed in some high intensity intervals. Some of HIIT exercises include running, squats, and heavy liftings. It is considered to be one of the most effective training ways a person can do. It increases our body endurance and strength. HIIT also counts as a strong cardio training.  But, is this type of training safe for expecting moms? You may have probably seen many pregnant women performing HIIT training and the first thing that naturally comes to your mind, is wondering whether is safe or not.

The truth is, despite the many benefits HIIT training can bring to everyone, since it involves some strong and powerful exercises, it may be risky for the baby’s health and yours too. So, there are a few things you need to consider doing before deciding to make HIIT your pregnancy choice.



What to do?


There are two basic things every pregnant woman thriving to practice HIIT during their delicate months should do:



  1. Seek doctor’s advice

Seeking medical guidance and letting your doctor decide whether you can make HIIT a part of your pregnancy workout routine or not, is a smart thing to do. Your doctor is the one to properly evaluate your pregnancy conditions and safety measures. He/she should speak the last word. If the doctor suggests that HIIT training may put your health and the baby’s in risk, then you have tons of other training choices to keep your cardiovascular system and body in shape.



  1. Modify your HIIT

The second step has to do with a modified HIIT training. If you still want to stick doing HIIT training, then you can adjust it. Alternating short bursts of strong and intense exercises with a more strenuous type of activity, which involves more “active rest” exercises, will definitely be safer and more manageable. Adjusting your HIT training will at the same time keep your heart rate in shape, and also, will tone your muscles and build strength.




Main benefits of HIIT training during pregnancy


If HIIT is safe for you and you’ve decided to make it part of your activity during your expecting months, then you should also know which are the main benefits you get by doing it:


HIIT burns all the excess fat. Making it perfect for every woman who wants to regain her weigh back immediately after giving birth. Gaining weight might be normal during pregnancy, but excess weight is not a necessary thing to happen. You can prevent this by restoring and regain your pre-pregnancy body back.


HIIT exercises reduce all kinds of fatigue. It makes moving an easy experience and also, you will feel less tired and sleepy.


Doing HIIT, your pregnancy pains and cramps will disappear. It also reduces and eliminates back pain and joints too. By training your body to use the oxygen more efficiently, HIIT training makes everything seems much easy, even the process of giving birth.


HIIT prevents diabetes. To be more specific, HIIT training can prevent Gestational diabetes. A common type of diabetes that pregnant women tend to suffer from. It also regulates the blood pressure.


It keeps your heart healthy! It’s not a big surprise right? Doing this type of training, which involves many cardio related exercise despite the fat burning ones, your heart will stay strong and ready to handle all the following changes.


HIIT makes you sleep like a queen! Another issue pregnant women face is the lack of sleep. A long, deep sleep is every pregnant woman’s dream. Good news is, exercises, not only HIIT, are perfect when dealing with sleep deprivation. Your sleeping quality will be drastically increased and you will feel less tired and sleepy during the day.


It reduces stress and anxiety. Mood swings are normal during your pregnancy months. But, with regular exercise, especially HIIT training, your serotonin levels will increase. Serotonin is a hormone related to mood and happiness. Feeling down is a typically hormonal related issue during pregnancy, but doing HIIT, can guarantee your anxiety and stress will start fading away…


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