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What should you really know about Fitness Trackers?

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The popularity of Fitness Trackers has already exploded. The main intention of this fitness device is to track and measure our daily physical activity in terms of calories burned and steps. Today, many brands offer hybrid, additional services such as sleep quality tracking, GPS etc. With so much Fitness Trackers available, it can be hard to choose the one that works for you. The truth is, they do all promise to help us be healthier, move and keep in track our system.  When asked, many fitness experts consider them to be unnecessary; some of them consider them unhealthy. On the other hand, a large group of people strongly believe and see this fitness device as a life-saving tool. Despite what your opinion will be after trying and owning one of these wearable activity trackers, we want to make that experience a joyful one. That’s why we’ve brought some arguments, whys and what’s to help selecting the one that works for your specifics lifestyle needs and choices.



What can a Fitness tracker really do?


A normal fitness tracker will record your bursts of physical activity. But, not all of them are adept to calculate advanced and specific metrics related to many kinds of sports like swimming, Pilates, Yoga etc. The only, most common thing you get to know is a report of  your movements. Also heart rate and the calories burned. Also, a more advanced fitness tracker is also supposed to calculate your sleeping quality and the traveled distance.  If your main physical activity involves running or cycling, then you should also know the most fitness tracker brands have really put an effort into creating a device useful for this category of people. We all know how GPS is important to runners, hikers, cyclists and anyone else thriving to calculate the distance he covered.


Another known feature about Fitness Trackers is the fact they’re accompanied with their specific app. After downloading it, you can keep track of all the food you take. These apps might be very helpful in calculating your overall activity and calorie count. But you have to choose between some other fitness trackers apps which can also let you log your detailed activity data. Another helpful feature when wanting to calculate the differences between curtain workout sessions and they respective calorie burn is a helpful data.


How to choose the one that works for you?


Fitness Tracker’s prices may vary from 20$ dollars to 300$ dollars. Depending on their specific features such are calculation metrics, battery, screen display quality, etc., you get to choose the one you think will do the job you’re expecting. The most important thing you need to calculate before buying a Fitness Tracker, if budged is not your problem, is to know what your fitness goals are. Without being able to understand you’re your main goals, you cannot purchase the right Fitness Tracker. There are so many of them to confuse you that will make you randomly decide one of them.  Without even noticing its adjustments and features in the way you’re supposed to. Determine the fitness tracker you choose by your type of activity and expectations.


If your main goal is to achieve a curtain amount of calories burned a day, or steps taken, then, a normal, common fitness tracker and pretty much can do both of them perfectly. In this case, you just have to choose between their prizes and shapes. But, if your goals are more specific, like for example you want to know how many stairs you take, or how many jumps you jump with a rope etc. then, you should check and verify if a specific Fitness Tracker’s software is able to do this type of calculation. For people who tend to get involved in many types of physical activities, a more advanced Fitness Tracker is also needed to better calculate their heart rate, their sleeping quality so they can be able to better check their progress and overall performance.



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