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What is Fat Freezing (CoolSculpting) and does it really work?



If you haven’t heard about fat freezing method before, then it’s time to learn all about it. CoolSculpting was first approved in 2010 and it has gained popularity and attention only recently. It is a weight-loss technology who promises to make you lose fat by literally freezing it. This method doesn’t work like radiofrequency treatments which melt the fat; it actually kills fat cells, and probably some other cells too by freezing them.

When discussing about pros and cons of this new weight loss technology, there are different points of view, some indicating health risks when trying it out, and some other the effectiveness. Whether it really works or not, here is what you need to know before purchasing this too-good-to-be-true service.

We’ve brought for you everything we could find from experts and clients who’ve experienced Cool Scalping so you can better decide either you should try it or not.



Can it actually make you lose weight?


Well, it all depends. It many cases this method is proved to work but, everyone trying it should also keep in mind some things. Muscles are the ones to burn fat faster than anything else. This means, CoolScultping cannot, ever, in any case, burn the amount of fat you need to drop in case you don’t incorporate a certain workout routine on your daily schedule. It is claimed to reduce almost 25 % of the fat founded in the treatment area. So, it cannot make you lose even the half of it. Many, who have tried it, have claimed to see no results in their body weight and shape even after several treatment sessions.



Is this method safe?


It is actually considered to be a risk-free method, but, this doesn’t mean certain complications cannot happen. The CoolSculpting machine uses a pretty simple technology and doesn’t indicate any high risk for health related complications. One of the most common complications is related to numbed nerves. It might make them fall asleep and your treated area on your body might feel a little itchy and it might swell too. If you notice some uncommon risks, you should immediately contact your doctor.



Will the results last forever?


It cannot be permanent if you do not control your weight. This is a well-known fact and you should keep it in your mind before starting to expect too much. You cannot expect to keep the fat out of your body if you do not control your daily food intake. All the fat must go somewhere right? So, before purchasing this weight loss method, try to incorporate in your daily intake a healthier diet so you can easy the fat freezing process and meanwhile, your body will not gain additional fat. A little exercise won’t hurt either. CoolSculpting is a helping weight-losing method;, but it shouldn’t be the only way to be used for weight loss.



Tips and trick before using CoolSculpting


Before choosing CoolSculpting as a method to lose access fat, it is important to know a few tricks so you can get the best out of it. Here is what you should keep in mind:


The results won’t appear immediately. You should expect to see them after two to three months. Each treatment has its own downtime, so, the best thing to do, is to at least wait for the results to appear in the right time. If planning a wedding or a big trip, keep in mind to start CoolSclupting method at least 4 months before the event date.


CoolSculpting might be a little too pricey. Only one session can cost you up to 600$ dollars. You will at least need a couple of sessions to cover all your body parts which have excess fat. The CoolSculpting machine works slowly on the treated area and the process cannot be done in just one single day.


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