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Is your workout not showing results? Here is why



We all know how essential working out is for our overall health. It delivers us some benefits nothing else can. While any kind of activity is good for our body, it seems that some workout routines and types of exercises won’t deliver the wanted and expected results. If you know you’re trying your best to stick to that fitness plan and eat right, and still that scale won’t change the pounds, then, stop what you’re doing and think about the reasons behind that.

There is got to be something you’re doing wrong that is making you achieve nothing right? Well, it seems there might be 3 common reasons you probably haven’t thought about them yet that are making you stay at the same place for a long time.


According to experts, here is what to do and not to do to get the wanted results as soon as possible in the best way possible!



Eating the wrong foods


If you’re still not losing weight despite your hard work and time spent moving, the first thing you should reconsider might be your food. OK, before we continue, you should know that when trying to get in shape and have an awesome healthy physique, diet is at least 80% of the whole battle! Yes, you cannot doubt this fact! So, before focusing on the calories and energy you spend when exercising, try to focus a little bit more on the fuel you’re putting in your body. Have you ever consider adjusting your food intake according to your body type and metabolism? Sticking to whole foods is one thing. Adjusting those kinds of foods, the meals and the time you consume them, is another. When you know you’re about to perform a strength training, then, on that day, you should focus on eating more carbohydrates. For example, you can try to include on your meals potatoes, brown rice and grains. On the days you are supposed to rest your body and muscles, you need to stick more to veggies, fruits and proteins. Try to avoid the processed foods and consume at least 5 small meals a day!



You hate your workout


Well, if this is your case, then, we think you just find out the secret behind your lack of success. No matter how many calories your type of workout makes you lose, if you do not enjoy it, then chances for you to skip it or not properly perform the exercises are enormous. When hating your training and you once a week, or even twice a month, skip it, then, you have just added more than 2,000 calories to your diet. Many studies have already confirmed this theory long time ago. People, who enjoy their physical activity, tend to loose weight more quickly. They achieve certain goals in a more effective way. Instead, try to find a workout you know you’ll enjoy. Then, organize a workout plan and stick to it! You’ll be amazed how many benefits not only on your physical but mostly on your physiological aspect you will get when involving yourself to something you love…



Too much cardio, no weight training


Yes, we know, cardio is an essential part of any workout routine. Cardio has the power to keep our heart super healthy.  It increases our metabolism’s work and make us sweat those pounds out. But, doing only cardio or, doing too much of it may lead to some difficulties. Especially when trying to loose weight and get fit. When overdoing it, your muscles mass will be “eaten” (reduced). Muscles are essential for metabolism increase in order to burn more calories. Overdoing it will definitely slow your goals. Instead, try to always incorporate weight lifting exercises into your workout routine. You can choose to run as your primarily activity. But, never overdo it and always try to include additional weight exercises whenever you can. The best way to lose pounds and on the meanwhile, build muscles is to always lift weights. The more muscles your body has, the more fat you will eventually burn.


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