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Why is it so important to train your core?

core training


Since we use our core for almost everything we do in our daily life, is not a big surprise why we need a strong one to fully support us. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to do is associating core training with a trained, well-defined stomach and abdominal muscles, or else sad, 6 packs. Even though core training can make your abdominal area really defined, it actually involves so much more than that. That’s why we strongly believe that is very important for everyone to truly know how to train and create a functional and strong core in order to be able to create a balanced and strong physique. Also, you need to learn that a trained core can play an essential role when training for sports. Especially for endurance ones.



What does it exactly do?


Well, now that you know core training is more than a beautiful 6 pack, it’s time to learn how to train it. Our core incorporates our deep transverse abdominal muscles. Also, it involves our lover back and oblique’s muscles, glutes and the structure of the pelvis. You should all start imagining the core muscles like a strong, powerful corset, protecting you by wrapping around your organs.  Starting from your shoulders and finishing down to your knees. Being so important for the development of your body, core training deserves some specific, dedicated exercises. They should be always included in your workout routine just like the rest of your muscle groups. It is important to talk to your trainer and learn how to target all areas of your core in order to manage the support it can actually give you in a more efficient way according to your specific needs.



The benefits core training gives you


Core training keeps you safe from injuries

If you ask the experts, they will all agree when it comes to the fact, building a strong core, takes more than a few push-ups and crunches. Developing a strong core means you’re building both, a stabilized spine and a strong one too. Getting the deeper muscles work, means you are in the right way into building the best of your physique starting from scratch. By building a strong base, you will easily improve your fitness performance without stressing your bones and muscles too much. A solid center with secure you from injuries!



Core protects your nervous system and inner organs too


Without protecting our inner vital systems, we can never claim to be fully healthy or strong. The place where all our inner organs do their magic works is located inside the core area. Also, central nervous system and body’s largest veins and arteries are based inside our core too. When it’s untrained, it means every single physical activity we might do, will sent the pressure directly to our spine and bones. That means they might get some serious damages affecting the overall quality of our life.



A trained core means e better, right posture


If our core is strong, it will scream confidence. A tall, upright posture, created by a strong and well-trained core, means you are more focused and in control of your life and every activity in it. Don’t let your posture be weak and feel defeated, stand straight and look good while building a strong body.



A strong core improves our mental function and makes us live longer


When having a trained, strong core, it means our spine is better aligned. It means our brain will be more able to receive our body’s messages in a more effective, faster way! Also, by being so vital in our mental work and inner organs, a strong core means a longer, healthier life.



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