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5 proven ways to lose your stubborn belly fat!

belly fat


Belly fat is one of the biggest concerns women usually have to face. Today, we are exposed to many “fancy” ways that promote weight loss in a very short time. While it seems that there isn’t a “magic” bullet that can really target the abdominal area in particular, people are more and more getting back to basic stuffs.


You see, sometimes, going back might be a great idea that will deliver you some great results. You don’t have to go “complicated” in order to make that excess fat on your belly that has been bothering you for so long, disappear.  Keep it simple, it’s the only way to achieve some realistic goals.


Today, this is what we’ve decided to bring you! 5 simple and efficient ways to help you not only get a flat tummy, but make you keep it that way! Have a careful look at these simple, everyday habits you need to start practicing in order to see the magic they contain.



Never skip breakfast




There is no need to further analyze this subject. We all know that skipping breakfast, especially when you’re trying to lose weight, is a big, fat mistake. Your body needs the energy to start the day right and most importantly; eating breakfast means you’re keeping your insulin levels steadier and also, your LDL cholesterol low. Also, when feeding your body with a good, healthy breakfast, you are preventing yourself from eating too much later on that day. You’ll be able to make some healthier food choices by eating in a moderate amount. Eventually you will consume all the proteins and carbs because after all, they are essential for your overall health, so, why don’t eat them in the morning? For the healthiest breakfast, try to always include a protein-based food like eggs, peanut butter, lean meat, beans etc. You should also include some fiber-based products like oats, fruits, veggies etc. Try to eliminate all kinds of refined sugars like pancakes, pastries etc.



Move, move, move




You don’t have to purchase a gym membership in order to keep your body moving! Replace elevators with stairs. Leave your car at home and try to walk. There are so many things you can do by moving, you will be surprised by the potential your everyday ambient has. According to some studies, when men and women reduced their 10,000-steps-a-day goal to 1,500 steps without making any change at their lifestyle and diet, their belly fat increased by 10% in only 15 days.



Don’t stress




Many studies indicate that the secretion of stress hormones (cortisol and others) that your body produces when you’re stressed has the ability to increase belly fat. So, keeping this in mind should make you follow different effective methods to lower as much as you can your stress level. Try to at least sleep for 7 straight hours every night. Focus more on things that make you happy.  Always keep our workspace separate from the bedroom. When you’re going to sleep, you need to focus only in that process. Not your job or something else that stresses you. Find some quite time for yourself just to relax and regulate your breathing.



Water is a must




Regardless of your diet, drinking water throughout the day means a more active metabolism. Water has the ability to flush out all kinds of toxins in your body making you healthier and with more energy. Try to replace all kind of high calorie beverages with water. By only eliminating a glass of soda a day, or milk, and replacing them with a glass of water, you will be able to cut more than 2,000 calories from your diet each week. Experts also advise drinking at least two cups of water before every meal in order to reduce your calorie intake. Many studies have shown that people, who consume a glass of water first thing in the morning, were able to eat almost 15 less calories at that meal.  When feeling hungry, try to drink some water and wait to see if the hunger will disappear. People often mistake thirst with the need to eat, making them reach to food when actually their body needs hydration.



Switch to whole grains


whole grains


Last but not least when trying to naturally and effectively lose your belly fat, focus on whole grains. Is scientifically proved that people who replace refined grains with whole grains, have a lower body fat level and also, are healthier. Grains have the ability to melt the fat. Also, when consuming whole grains, the insulin and glucose response in our body gets more active. This makes our body melt our deep layers of fat more easy.

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