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SLT workout

  STL is specially designed for people who love to workout and are constantly thriving for faster results in a shorter amount of time. If you’re that kind of person, SLT workout routine is what you need to consider from now on. If you have never heard about this type…

treadmill tips

  Just like your car, fitness machines require maintenance too. Through regular care, a longer life and stability of your fitness machine is more guaranteed. The first step through a well-maintained treadmill machine is the cleaning part. While keeping your treadmill clean isn’t directly related to its current condition, repairs…

belly fat

  Belly fat is one of the biggest concerns women usually have to face. Today, we are exposed to many “fancy” ways that promote weight loss in a very short time. While it seems that there isn’t a “magic” bullet that can really target the abdominal area in particular, people…


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