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Fit exercise into your daily routine despite how busy you are!

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Sticking to a workout routine can be a real struggle for almost anyone. There are so many things we need to do and take care of during a day; we barely find time to take a bath. Job, house chores, grocery shopping, and tons of other things, make the training time seem a little too far away. But, how come hundred and thousand working moms all around the world are able to handle everything and still find the right time to keep their body in shape? Is this possible? Do they have some kind of superpowers that we don’t know about?


We all are aware that maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the smartest ways to live a healthy life and keep your mental and physical state in shape. But, how are we supposed to find the right time? How can the above-mentioned moms do it? Is there a secret we need to learn before deciding that maybe training won’t work for us?

We think have found some factors which might be the real secret behind these working moms success. After reading their tips and tricks, finding some “me” time seems no more impossible…


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For some, it’s all about getting first things first.


Many working moms or other super-busy women, recommend starting exercising first thing in the morning. It seems this method has worked for them and they have made it a daily routine. If you normally wake up at 7 am, then, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and dedicate this time to your workout routine. First, drink something, then, quickly eat a small protein snack and after a few minutes, start sweating. Believe it or not, waking up half an hour earlier won’t make a difference to your resting time and daily schedule. So, why not do it?



Create the perfect workout routine


Once you’ve decided to wake up early, the second thing you need to do is learn which your workout routine will be. What kind of exercises you will perform and how will you manage them. Try always including a little warm-up and stretching time, then, a little cardio and strength exercises. If you find it hard to be organized and have many other things to keep in mind, then, sit and schedule a workout routine for each day. Write it down and then stick to it!



Try including your kids


If finding some “alone” time seems impossible, and you don’t feel like waking up earlier, then, try to incorporate your workout into your “kids” time. When sending your children to play in the park, while watching them, you will have all the necessary time to start training. Working out with your kids can really be a special bonding time. You don’t have to follow them around while they play. Just keep an eye on them and start doing your exercises as soon as you can. Play different sports together; let your body move without doing a specific exercise. Some other activities you can do together might be cycling, tennis, walking, swimming and many other things. Just let your imagination work.



Build your personal support cycle


And by that, we mean you need to create your own support group with people on the same shoes as you are and other family members to help you out with the kids. Finding a friend to share your workout routine or another parent that is struggling to workout means you can support and balance each other and be motivated to stick to your personal training routine for longer time. You will become more responsible and feel the need to be a good example for the other working moms like you. Sharing some time together means more organization on your daily schedule and also, more fun! Don’t forget to share your kid’s caring-time with other family members. It might be your husband, your mom, your sister or sister-in –law. We’re sure at least one of them will be available to take care of your baby once or twice a week so you can dedicate all the necessary time to your workout routine.



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