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healthy lifestyle

  Have you ever though how come many people who seem to have a perfect fitted body are never on a diet, either they are obsessed with calorie counting rules or train extremely hard? Well, the truth is, these ready-for-a-photoshoot people don’t just have some great genes. All their body…


  Have you ever heard about plyometric exercises? Well, if you haven’t, be patient, we’re just about to show you how fun and intensive this kind of workout really is. Plyometric mimics the dynamic moves we all have done as kids when skipping and jumping around our yard and playground.…

detox water

  Sometimes, especially during holiday seasons, even the healthiest eaters find it hard to stay on track. All the excess carbs, fat and sugar that holiday meals contain make everyone feel bloated, tired and very guilty. That’s because you know you’re making your liver suffer and the consequences are not…

cycling record

  Robert Marchand just broke a world record on his age group by cycling 22.547 kilometers in one hour. As he set the new record, the crowd gave him a standing ovation valuating his hard work and commitment. He peddled at the velodrome complex in Saint Quentin en Yvelines outside Paris.…

running injuries

  Running is positively connected with many heath related benefits to the lowered risk of premature deaths, stronger cardiovascular system, reduced risks of obesity, and improvement of many chronic health problems. One of the most popular running forms is the long distance one. It attracts millions of people every year…

cycling mistakes

  Most of the problems you may occur as a new cyclist are fixable. The important thing is, to know what you are doing wrong and which the best way to fix them is. We’re pretty sure no one is perfect. Even the best cyclists in the world admit to…


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