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Start the year right with the best ways to cleanse your body after the holidays!

detox water


Sometimes, especially during holiday seasons, even the healthiest eaters find it hard to stay on track. All the excess carbs, fat and sugar that holiday meals contain make everyone feel bloated, tired and very guilty. That’s because you know you’re making your liver suffer and the consequences are not going to be small. As good as you may have tried to be, during holiday seasons everyone is allowed to make at least some dietary mistakes. At this point, many determined people are constantly looking and desperately searching for healthy ways to get back on the right nutrition. Let us make something clear here: diets are not the solution. If you are really reaching for methods to get back on track and give your body and mind what they deserve, then, being on a strict diet is not the solution. Preventing yourself from eating fats, carbs and sugars is a very unhealthy way to go.


That is why it’s time for you to finally learn the best possible solution to shred all of those extra pounds in a very healthy way by detoxing and cleaning your system from the scratch while eating all kind of nutritional elements.



The answer: Detox water


Yes, there is no doubt about its power! Detox water is one of the easiest, healthiest way to clean your body, burn all the extra fats, keep bloating away, speed your metabolism and also, refuel you energy levels. Drinking detox water means you’re supporting your liver in one of the best ways possible. By focusing on preparing yourself some strong and powerful detox and infused water you can say goodbye to your extreme low-carb diet and start stepping into a healthy lifestyle in a more efficient and fun way.

Below, we’ve listed some essential things you need to do in order to properly cleanse and detox your body especially when after the holidays.



Water, water, water


This is the first, most important ingredient when detoxifying the body system. By increasing the amount of water, you are also increasing your metabolism’s work. Your digestive system will thank you too. Try to at least drink up to a gallon of water every single day. Many experts and made studies have indicated the effects water has in our body. It makes our organs properly function, helps in respiratory and circulatory functions, makes our skin healthier and also, by helping the metabolism work, we are able to properly digest the foods we eat.



Add some lemon…

lemon ginger

Despite water, to make a really detoxifying drink, you need to also add some lemon juice and ginger. This is considered to work in an extremely efficient way when trying to deeply cleanse the system.

By mixing 2 squeezed or cut lemons into 1 liter of water, and finally, adding ginger, your digestive system will work with a full power.

This detox water will easily brake down all of the toxins. This because lemon juice has the ability to make our body increase the production of digestive enzymes. Lemon juice, when combined with ginger, makes a powerful couple being able to perfectly clean the liver and flushing all toxins out of our pores.



The oldest detox water: tea


Yes, tea works as a really powerful detox water. After all, it is water mixed with different plants right? Green tea is one of the most powerful teas available. It is full with strong antioxidants that work on helping our body fighting many damaging free radicals which may cause cancer and other dangerous issues. Mixing a cup of green tea with lemon, ginger and other powerful fruits and herbs such as berries, cucumber, kiwis etc. can create the most powerful drink to deeply clean all of your body system parts. Try to replace your morning coffee with a cup of green tea, or any other tea which contains caffeine.



Below you can also find some additional detox water recipes for you to prepare. Drink them first thing in the morning:





Watermelon detox water: Is one of the most effective and yet simple ways to create a good detox water. Also, it is quite delicious. To prepare it, you just need to add some pieces of chopped watermelon into a bowl of cold water. Leave it for at least 2 hours to better release all its nutrition values. The watermelon infuses the water and then, a sweet taste will be released. You can also add mint or lemon.


An apple a day keeps the toxins away…: Well, it does! To prepare this detox water recipe you just need two apples, chopped and thrown into a bowl of water. To make it healthier and tasteful, you need to add a cinnamon stick. Also anise, a powerful spice to help you with the digestive system and insomnia. Cinnamon is extremely healthy especially for the cardiovascular system and brain.


Sour is your new best fried: The mega boosts this detox water will give to you, are hardly found in any other detox water. It is prepared with lemon, strawberry, kiwi and ginger. This drink is so refreshing, you will want to take this drink everywhere with you, especially in the summer time. It has fantastic detoxifying benefits and also, it contains some essential nutrients for our body.


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