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You don’t have to do these cycling mistakes again

cycling mistakes


Most of the problems you may occur as a new cyclist are fixable. The important thing is, to know what you are doing wrong and which the best way to fix them is. We’re pretty sure no one is perfect. Even the best cyclists in the world admit to have made tons of big mistakes when in their first years of cycling.  Whether they (mistakes) might be related to your bike maintenance and adjustments, or your riding diet, you still have to keep an eye on all of these tips and orientations so you can prevent potential injuries by achieving quickly, effective results on your overall performance.

Check out these commonly made mistakes you will probably do or have done while you had just started cycling.



Ignoring safety


Just like any other activity, cycling contains some general and specific risks that may cost you money and health problems when is not properly performed. Especially when it requires you to pass through dangerous terrains. . Being safe is not difficult to be achieved. When cycling, there are basic preparations you need to make in order to prevent all possible risks. The first and most important thing to do is to wear a good helmet. It will protect your head, and by that, we don’t have to add anything else…but, anyway, we will add a few extra things to keep in mind… Try to always follow the road instructions. Skipping or neglecting them, means you may find yourself alone in an impossible-to-get-out terrain. Try to always follow the rules, and also, use your common sense to better evaluate the road conditions to prevent possible accidents. The third, most important thing to do, is wearing the right gear. Respect cycling outfits and other gears so it can respect you.



Forgetting to properly hydrate


If you’re still in doubt, riding is a dynamic and powerful physical activity that needs many energy sources. While riding, you burn energy all the time that is why, hydrating during your cycling hours is critical. Most of cycling beginners naturally assume that taking enough fluids before the riding starts and also, after it, their body doesn’t need any extra hydration while cycling. You need to always bring enough fluids (water is recommended the most) along with you while cycling. Take small brakes to refuel your system needs and get back on track!



Don’t know what to eat


Along with getting your body hydrated, you need to fuel it with properly nutrition values so it can continue performing. Stop trying to be on a strict diet while you also perform different physical activities during the day. Especially if you cycle, eating some healthy, decent amount of meals is essential to your health and performance. Before cycling, your body needs carbs and fat so it can have enough energy resources to work. You don’t have to eat large meals, just eat them rich in carbs, natural sugars, fat and proteins before and after your cycling activity. Eventually, you will become stronger, your endurance will be increased, and also, you will help your muscles and bones properly recover.



Underestimating the power of a professional bike fitting


The real importance of a bike fit is to make every cyclist’s ride more comfortably. This leads to a better performance, a more efficient riding and extra endurance. When you underestimate the power of bike fitting, you can normally expect to have aching joints and saddle sores. By getting your bike fitted, you significantly reduce most of the possible accidents and also, have made a real investment on your comfort, performance and health. For more related to the importance of having a professional bike fitting, click here to learn the best advices Tony Troccoli, a certified coach, can give!


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