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eating dark chocolate

  Chocolate is made from the seed of cocoa tree. It is considered and proved by science to be one of the best sources of powerful antioxidants on earth. Many studies have shown some real health benefits of this delicious food. We’re talking about the dark one, not the one…

cycling outdoors

  If spending hours in a closed gym, trying to desperately lose those extra pounds, seems to be not so effective, then, maybe it’s time for you to make a change. And by that, we mean you should get out and move! Why stick to the same old routine, watching…

holiday meal

  December is considered to be the happiest time of the year! Christmas, the New Year ’s Eve, are all those type of celebrations that gather a family around a table full of delicious foods. But, once the plates are cleared, the only things that stay full are our stomachs.…

outdoors running

  Neither the extreme cold nor the hot summer days can keep a good runner inside. While most of the people would prefer going at the gym, where the air conditioner and temperature are perfect, runners seem to enjoy challenging themselves in almost every weather condition and time. Their choice…

active life

  Depending on technology, apps, email and many other technology helpers, it is no wonder why people have lost their walking instincts. It’s called the sitting disease and most of the people suffer from it. Have you ever thought how many hours you spend sitting during your waked hours? Driving…

yoga for runners

  Being a runner means you often get to experience soreness, muscle injuries, tightness and many other physical side effects. Despite how a perfect runner you might be, after a nine to five day, staying static, your muscles and bones get weak and start losing their elasticity, power and flexibility.…


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