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3 ultimate eating habits Fit people live by

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Have you ever though how come many people who seem to have a perfect fitted body are never on a diet, either they are obsessed with calorie counting rules or train extremely hard? Well, the truth is, these ready-for-a-photoshoot people don’t just have some great genes. All their body goals are achieved through many years of effort and hard work. They have constantly proved us that most of their physical success is been able due to a set of habits they have developed and mastered through time that have allowed them to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. And all that, without too much effort. Because, you see, creating some good, strong habits means you are making them part of your everyday life. Which is why, not much effort is needed after gaining the necessary experience.


So, after learning the real reason behind all those fit bodies you have been constantly admired, is time to learn the concrete eating habits that have made them own their fitted body. Remember: eating a piece of chocolate cake won’t instantly make you fat. Just like eating a salad and some fruits won’t make you be healthy. The real secret is laying behind your everyday lifestyle actions.



Fit people never skip breakfast




Yes, they don’t! This is quite a universal characteristic of all healthy a fit people. You can never find someone that admits to skip this important meal. Many studies have showed that people who are more successful in losing weight, are always the ones who eat a good, decent breakfast. Filled with healthy portions proteins, carbs and fat. People who are constantly struggling to eat healthy and in the right amount, are usually the ones who underestimate the power of the first daily meal. By consuming breakfast, a healthy one, your hunger will be drastically reduced during the following part of the day. Then, you will be more able to carefully choose the other meals without letting yourself make poor and unhealthy choices.



Fit people try to always eat at least 5 times a day


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They know, probably you too, that frequently eating is the absolutely way to go. Especially if you want to keep your body in the best shape possible. If you let yourself starving and haven’t eaten in more than three hours, then, your levels of stress hormones will rise. Especially cortisol ones, which when in a high amount, make your body store fat mostly in the abdominal area. Many researches have proved that when eating at least once in two hours, the level of this hormone will significantly drop. Also, your digestive system will be working in a more efficient way. Another study suggests that people, who ate at least 6 meals a day, were able to lower their stress hormone’s levels by almost 20%, helping their bodies’ loose fat and be healthier. Fit people know how big a hungry temptation can be when not eating for many hours. So, they eliminate this risk by always being half full so they can better enjoy small, healthy and light meals. Remember, these people, when in between the meals, try to always keep their water intake in the right level. Water is the most vital, necessary step to be taken during the day. And fit people do know the importance very well! That is why you see them drinking at least twice as much glasses of water than the meals they eat!



Fit people count colors not calories



You can never underestimate calories. They are very important when trying to live a healthy life and keep your fitness goals active. You see, it’s not how much calories you take, it is the kind of calories you’re choosing to eat. Eating some walnuts means you’re taking some healthy, necessary calories, maybe the same amount of calories you might get while eating some potato chips.

But the effect those two kinds of calories have in your body, is extremely different! Fit people try to follow what experts have to say regarding this issue. They do all admit that being in control of the diversity of colors your food contains is a smart thing to do.  Try to always eat healthy, whole foods, in natural dark colors like greens, reds, and yellows. By eating nutrient-rich meals based on unprocessed foods, means you are taking all kind of nutritional values in their best form possible. When eating meat, try to include different kind of meat colors as well. They do all contain some healthy elements which are vital to your overall health. Your body needs some colorful whole foods in order to be able to build a colorful life for you!


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