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Simple everyday tips to maximize your cycling time

no time to ride


We’re sure you’re probably struggling to fit all your chores and stuffs-to-do into one single day’s plan. But, don’t worry; there are many small things you can do throughout the day that can significantly help you create time to take care for your physique.


If getting on your bike has been a real challenge, believe us when we say, it’s only up to you to create the time. If you really focus on our tips, making time to ride won’t be difficult at all. So, stop staying sat and dreaming about the day you’ll have the time to get out and just paddle. Instead, get up and start getting the most out of you day to make cycling fit.



Be prepared


If you really want to make time for cycling tomorrow, then, getting prepared will send you half way through. It will only take you 7-10 minutes to prepare your outfit, gear and bike. Charge the bike lights, check your bike whether it’s ready or not. Then, prepare your breakfast by organizing its ingredients so it can be ready for you to eat it in less than 10 minutes. Make sure your riding outfit is ready and put it in a place you can see when in bed.


By being prepared, you will not only save some precious time for your work preparation, school, and other daily plans, you will also be able to feel and be more energized and ready to go out and ride since everything is almost ready for you to just throw yourself on the bike.



Morning people are the best


One of the best things that characterize a morning person is the capability to handle everything the day has to offer. You see, when getting up early in the morning your day will be much longer! Half of your chores will be already done before you even realize it.


You don’t know how tired your job will make you feel today… Or what plans might come to your way for the after-work period. So, getting some stuff done such as training since early in the morning will make your guilt feeling go away.


If getting up early in the morning seems too difficult, then, remember just one thing: It won’t be difficult if you really make up your mind to do it. If you put your brain in the “getting-up-early” mode, then, after a couple of times getting since up 5 or 6 am, everything will seem to be super normal. Your body will count the early-morning rise as a natural and necessary thing to do. Teaching your system to make you a morning person is not difficult at all.



Social media won’t keep you fit


Unfortunately, people today spend too much time on social media. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat are only some of most popular platforms we use every day. They are making everyone losing too much precious time without noticing. The time an average person spends on social media in a week, is around 10 hours! Can you imagine if during this time you were on your bike riding?Can you imagine the benefits you would have if you were training and cycling?


Well, if you can really see the damage social media platforms are causing to your life, then, you should probably get rid of them and start working a little more so you can then make the time to take care of yourself.



Keep track on your goals


Knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it is a very important thing. Especially when trying to make cycling part of your day with the main goal to get fit. It is important to be clear enough about the routine you want to follow, the goals you want to reach in a certain period of time etc. Organizing your rides, your off-seasons, peak-seasons and pre-seasons will make you a real professional and many steps closer to your main goals.


You can even use a personal diary or organizer that indicates the basic data and features of each riding session. Being at least one or two months ahead will make you more enthusiasts in following that schedule.


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