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  For many athletes, running is not only a hobby but a way of life.  It offers great health benefits, the thrill of competition, and memorable encounters with nature.  But not every part of the sport is sunshine and roses; there are some thing that runners hate to do.  We’ll…

Santa Barbara bike crash

  A terrifying accident left one cyclist tumbling off the bridge!   A bicycle Road Race went totally wrong this past weekend when one of the cyclists wiped out causing a chain reaction that looked totally terrifying. Fortunately, no one got hurt and everything had a good ending. The crash…

Dubai Tour

  Starting from today, road across six emirates for the Dubai Tour will be closed. The Dubai Tour 2017 will begin between 10.30 am and 3.30 pm until Saturday this week. It is estimated that each road will be approximately closed for about 10 to 15 minutes as cyclists pass…

Running for weight loss

    Of all the forms of exercise available to modern athletes, running may be the fastest and best way to help you lose weight.  Losing weight is partly a function of simple math (calories in – calories out), partly a function of staying motivated long enough to be consistent,…

shoulder surgery

  All swimmers can relate to different shoulder pains and aches. Especially the professional aquatic athletes. Shoulder’s surgeries are commonly suggested when one suffers from severe pains and stiffness in their shoulder joints. That is why; an interesting development is conducted by Dr Mike Greiwe. He is a United States…

rowing machine

  If you decide to join a gym, one of the first things you need to try, is the Rowing Machine. Regular rowing workout is the perfect way to work towards you maximum fitness level. Especially if working out has just recently become your thing. Even though it might seem…


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