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compulsive overeating

  Have you ever heard about compulsive overeating disorder? Do you know the importance of this disease? Are you suffering from it without even knowing?   For you that haven’t heard about this condition before, it indicates people who have it what is characterized as a big addiction to food…

2 hour marathon

  Not long ago, Nike announced their “2 Hour Marathon Project,” an effort to see the first marathon ever run under 2 hours. Although the lore of the marathon makes this an exciting topic to consider, many runners doubt it’s even possible. The fastest marathon time today is still a…


    It’s easier than you think to become a healthier person. Sometimes, making lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming, but since it only takes 21 days to start a new habit, you can make a big impact on your own wellness by incorporating a few small changes at a time.…

die-in protest

  The collision   The name of the dead cyclists isn’t made public yet. But, we know she was a female and was a member of Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club which is based in Dundrum. Less than 24 hours have passed since this tragic accident happened, and Gardaí have already…

running injuries

  Runners enjoy their sport immensely. But what if your passion for running leads you to excess in the form of injury? No one likes being deprived of what they most enjoy. But that’s exactly what will happen without an intelligent plan to avoid injury. Here are 5 simple steps…

running in the cold

  In many Scandinavian countries, wintertime involves almost continuous cold and darkness. And yet if the inhabitants only ventured outside during warm daylight, they would never get anything done. Runners can take a lesson from this. The reality in many places is that winter is a time of early darkness…


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