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Cycling club

  If cycling has become your main physical activity and you love doing it, why not join a cycling club? Some people think that riding alone is better, but, many other don’t support this idea simply because they see and know the benefits and potentials a cycling club can bring…

stationary bike

  One of the most popular home exercise equipment available on the market, seem to be stationary bikes. There are many benefits you get to have when owning one of them, especially when compared to other, more expensive and old-fashioned home equipment.   The reason why so many people have…

eating slowly

  Unfortunately, since we’re a too-busy, distracted society, we often forget what matters the most in or life. While watching days passing by so quickly, we often find ourselves struggling to find the time to prepare our own meals. Also, we barely organize ourselves to sit and enjoy them. You…

core training

  Since we use our core for almost everything we do in our daily life, is not a big surprise why we need a strong one to fully support us. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to do is associating core training with a trained, well-defined stomach and abdominal…

healthy lifestyle

  Have you ever though how come many people who seem to have a perfect fitted body are never on a diet, either they are obsessed with calorie counting rules or train extremely hard? Well, the truth is, these ready-for-a-photoshoot people don’t just have some great genes. All their body…


  Have you ever heard about plyometric exercises? Well, if you haven’t, be patient, we’re just about to show you how fun and intensive this kind of workout really is. Plyometric mimics the dynamic moves we all have done as kids when skipping and jumping around our yard and playground.…


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