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Pros and cons of riding a stationary bike

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One of the most popular home exercise equipment available on the market, seem to be stationary bikes. There are many benefits you get to have when owning one of them, especially when compared to other, more expensive and old-fashioned home equipment.


The reason why so many people have put their trust into this equipment is because it offers you a comfort and efficient type of exercise routine which can lead to some instant, weight loss and health results. When adjusted, these stationary bikes can work on almost every part of your body by not only building some lean muscles, but strengthening your heart and making you lose weight quickly. Before purchasing one of them, is best to make a little research on the brands and types you can find available on the market. Adjust it accordantly with your body type and fitness goals. Take an expert’s advice on  riding methods you should follow in order to achieve your wanted results in a more efficient way possible.


But, first, since you might have still not purchased one of them, let’s have a look at their main pros and cons so in the end, you can better decide what to do.



Pros of getting a stationary bike


– Since you keep it inside, you have the possibility to train whenever you want, despite the weather conditions and time.


– Usually, stationary bikes cost much cheaper than any other home exercise equipment. This is something you need to consider since you’re about to get almost the same physical benefits just like a treadmill or elliptical.


– They are super-safe. When biking outdoors, many people fear cars on the road, unexplored and difficult terrains, sharp objects etc. when on a stationary bike, you absolutely don’t have to worry about this part at all.


– You can focus more on your workout and achieve some better results. You don’t have to keep an eye on the road and another on the bike. Also, you can stop and rest whenever you feel your knees or joints are “telling” you to stop.


– You can choose from a variety of fitness programs so you can do many interval workouts without needed to go outdoors. Since most of modern stationary bikes have a lot of fitness programs for you to choose from, is easier to organize your fitness routines and plan accordantly to your needs without having to adjust to the outdoor terrain.





– When on a stationary bike, you should except to burn fewer calories than when on a treadmill for the same amount of time. You will burn an average of 150 calories in 30 minutes. On a treadmill, you burn an average of 240 calories for 30 minutes.


– Stationary bikes are not suitable when trying to train for a race. They cannot challenge your body like the outdoor cycling can. You miss the wind resistance, different temperatures, sun rays, difficult terrains, etc. you cannot build the same strength and resistance and most importantly, be fully prepared for a race if you only train indoors

It mostly works on your lower body. Unlike other home exercise equipment that have handles that allow everyone to target the upper body as well. For example, like the elliptical.


– Sometimes, training only inside, may become a little boring. This might lead to a shorter training time and eventually, less efficient physical results than when going outdoors and challenging yourself more.


– Stationary bikes allow cheating. You can adjust your terrain, speed, according to your needs. This is not something to be proud of. You have all the control on them but, when outdoors, riding on your bike on different terrains, passing through unexplored routes, you face a real challenge that you cannot escapee from unless you return back and face it once again.



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