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What doctors do to never get arthritis?



The truth is, there is not a proved way to help you completely reduce the risk of arthritis. But, there exist some quite logic methods and lifestyle habits that help you partly reduce this risk and also, help you live a longer, healthier life in general. The most important thing we can all do is to minimize the risk of this disease by investing in our body in a right, effective way that will make us, even if we get to suffer from it, to overpass and experience arthritis in the best way possible. We don’t have to get rid of the things we love in life just because our joints are not in their perfect shape right?


Interesting fact: Did you know that there exist more than 100 type of arthritis? Did you also know they all have individual features, factors and behaviors?


Despite the fact arthritis might be a genetic disease; the below-mentioned tips can for sure help you prevent it or even delay it. These are methods and warning signs doctors use to better determine their condition and prevent this disease in the most effective, natural ways.



Warning sign: Watch your injuries


A major cause of all inflammatory types of arthritis is discovered from the repetitive injuries. If you keep hurting your body at certain parts over and over again, then, you may want to take arthritis more seriously. Even though this doesn’t mean you are going to get arthritis in your near future, it might be a good indicator of this disease. You must visit a physiotherapist as soon as you can and also, keep an extra eye on your diet and activity. If for example you have injured your knee during a training session that is considered to be a normal thig to happen. Everybody gets to experience some type of injury especially when having an above-average active life. But, if that knee gets hurt over and over again, haven’t you ever though it might not be so normal?



Lifestyle changes


Start your mornings with vitamin C


There have been a large number of studies that have already proved the powers vitamin C has. Higher intake of this vitamin is strongly associated with a significantly reduced risk of cartilage loss. Also, prevents or stops any kind of disease from further developing into our system. Try to blend every morning a fruit-packed smoothie that will boost your overall health and is full with anti-inflammatory, and bone strengthening elements. Try to always include a fruits loaded with vitamin C like pineapple, strawberries or oranges, and also, add some milk and yogurt for that extra needed calcium.



Have a colorful diet




You should always aim to have a colorful diet. It must include all types of veggies and fruits, nuts and olive oil. It is the only way to get all their unique nutritional values. Experts recommend the best diet to follow is the Mediterranean one. This type of died includes all the above-mentioned elements and it is packed with a wide variety of strong antioxidants. They help reduce our blood’s markers of inflammation. Seafood, all kind of veggies, fruits, nuts, milk and yogurt should all be part of your everyday intake if you really want to fight arthritis from within.



Get your vitamin D


Experts have shown through numerous of studies how vitamin D can really affect our bone’s health. All people that keep their vitamin D intake in a normal level have significant lower risks to suffer from arthritis. Since our body is unable to produce it unless we get it from the food we eat or from our sun’s exposure, it is vital to secure both of these elements and get the necessary amount of this important vitamin. During winter times, when the days are shorter, you may consider getting vitamin D supplements.


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