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The most common causes of Back Pain and practical solutions

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re an elite athlete or a normal person with “normal” daily activities. There is a strong chance you will eventually experience back pain at least once during your life. The reason behind this condition is simple.  Almost any kind of your daily activities can potentially make you break your spine’s health. Most of the injuries are caused by damaged muscles, tendons, a moderate damage of the fibrous tissue or ligaments. All these type of injuries are caused by the constant repetitive activities, or even excessive lifting and training.


Despite the fact exercise is considered to be one of the best ways to treat back pains, it still ca be very problematic when you put yourself into an overtraining mode. Especially if you’ve been doing a sedentary life and then suddenly, you start exercising. In this case, chances for you to suffer from back pain are higher than usual.

The good news is, if you are part of the 85 percent of the population that suffers from back pain, there are some simple things to do that will relief your pain in less than a week! But first, you need to find what is causing the pain and what is that one thing that you need to stop doing in the name of a healthy spine.



Musculoligamentous Strain


Musculoligamentous is just the medical term when describing the common back pain. This term includes all types of injuries of your lumbar spine’s soft tissue. Soft tissues are: nerves, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and ligaments all around your spine. This type of strain is a very common type of strain that happens to almost every athlete. The best part of this type of injurie, is the fact their usually are self-limiting. This means they don’t tend to get worse and cause more serious damages.


Despite the fact getting proper medication isn’t necessary in most of the cases, there are some measures you can take in order to stop the pain and reduce the injurie so you can get back to your normal physical routine.  This means, adding a more appropriate warm up routine before each training session must become a must! Also, doing stretching exercises before and after each routine, and reducing the amount and intense of your workout by letting your spine recover for at least a month. Then, back to your normal program.



Mechanical damage


The mechanical spine damage usually happens due to prolonged and excessive poor mechanics and posture. Also, an inadequate conditioning and a sedentary life.  Even a simple bend over or sneeze can potentially produce a herniated disc. People that have a sedentary lifestyle that requires minimal movements, have the highest risk of herniating a spine disc.


This happens due to the fact that when sitting for too many hours, the intradiscal pressure becomes very high. That is when your disc exerts pressure on the thinnest part of your spine which is also the least supported area of your supporting ligament (annulus fibrosus). Then, your disc can herniate and cause strong, lower back pain.


Since the mechanical back pain is usually created and aggravated by a static landing of your spine, or even long and levered postures and activities, the number one thing that can easy its pain, is by including multidirectional movements and forces into your daily schedule such as swimming, walking, cycling etc.  This condition is the reason being more than 90 percent of all back pains in normal people.




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