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The 2 must-follow rules for eating right as a runner

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When you make running your primary workout type and start practicing it regularly, then, you know it’s time to make some changes and adjustments on your diet. Regulating your eating habits is a very smart thing to do especially when you’re thriving to get and feel the best while running.


Everyone who might be thinking that eating e healthy and balanced diet is enough to handle all kinds physical activities, then you should now this is not a right concept to follow. What you eat is always depending on what kind of exercise you are planning to do. There are some specific rules to follow especially when trying to lose weight and stay in a good shape while running. What you eat before and after a running session is vital. Especially when you hit the road right after you wake up in the morning.


Here are some general rules you should follow if you want to meet your goals as soon as possible:



Change your mindset about food and diet


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Let us explain something to you; Diets do not Work! Never! They are not supposed to give you long lasting changes. Stop looking at the wrong places to get in shape! They are not supposed to care about your eating and taking all the necessary nutrients, including fats, calories, carbs in order for your body to properly function. Diets don’t either care if you’re practicing with a physical activity or not. They just want to make you quickly lose some extra pounds and making you believe you will forever be in “shape”.


Especially when you have decided to make running a regularly activity, you need to learn some basic truths in order to stay healthy. You don’t have to make diets a norm of your life! Those pounds that diet may seem to make you lose are an extremely unhealthy way of doing it. If you’re purchasing a happy, long lasting results and life by being in shape and staying strong and healthy, then, you need to EAT all kinds of nutritional elements that food contains. Along with the running, diet and activity will work the “miracles” you have been expecting from your famous and popular “amazing” low-carb, low-fat diet. Stick to healthy, unprocessed foods and understand that fats and carbs are not your enemy.



The right timing



When you know you’re about to invest on some real changes, and have once and for all understood the real “importance” of diets, it’s time to practice your eating schedule. Sticking into a rich and healthy diet, without skipping any kind of nutrients, doesn’t mean you are still doing everything right. It means that now, is time to organize those intakes and learn some additional rules to satisfy all your muscle, bones, and system needs during a day.


Remember, before you start running, especially if you run in the morning, is important to have something that will boost your energy levels without overfilling your stomach.

So, what elements can do it better than carbs? Try to eat a healthy snack that is packed in carbs and low in fat and fiber. Fibers slow your digestive system and make your stomach feel blocked when you’ll be running. You should be done eating at least 30 minutes before you start hitting the road. After the running session, in less than 20-25 minutes, try to eat a normal meal. It should be filled with proteins which help repairing the muscles. Also, carbohydrates and fibers to help you restore your energy levels. Then, after these pre and post workout meals, fill your other meals with fruits, veggies and don’t forget to hydrate! Prepare yourself some detoxing water by adding lemons, limes etc. and drink at least 6-8 glasses during a day.



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