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The ultimate guide to finding the right triathlon coach for you

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Every triathlete knows the benefits a good, experienced and intuitive coach can bring. The right coach will not only help with the preparation of your physical aspect and make you ready to cross that finish line when the big day comes. A good coach will first of all help you see the training process and diet in a different, more productive and fun way. The right coach will change your triathlon philosophy. He/she will make your main goal be much clearer and meaningful so your inspiration level can all the time be high.


Unfortunately, today, many triathletes find it difficult to find the coach they are looking for. Maybe because they don’t how to search for the right one, or where to do that…

Find below a simple guide to help you better determine the type of coaches, the pros and cons of each type and most importantly, what to expect in each coach that comes in your way…



Having a face-to-face coach to train you…


The first, most common way a coach can train you is by doing it face-to-face. You simply hire someone you think is best for you, or a fiend has recommend him/her, so you just go for it…

You normally see this kind of coach in a regular basis. He/she is responsible to prepare your specific training and diet plan. He might even be coaching you in a group with other triathletes through shared seminars/courses and training routines.


The pros: in this case, the coach will probably build a training and diet program specifically for your needs. You can adapt this plan in many life aspects and not only when it comes to preparing yourself for the next triathlon competition. This is because the right face-to-face coach will probably be able to identify, by seeing and analyzing your physique, your specific body needs and metabolism characteristics that stay always the same…


Also, another pro when hiring a face-to-face coach, is that you can directly ask him/her any question you might have. Also, you can always expect results in a short period of time since the coach is fully dedicated to your progress.


The cons: the only con triathlete usually find when hiring a personal coach, is that they can usually be very pricy. Hiring someone to build a specific training program and meet you any time you want, will definitely cost you money. That is why many triathletes have found alternative ways to get their training advices…



Coaches at local triathlon clubs…


One of the most common ways to find a coach is through your local triathlon club (if there is any). Usually, clubs will have their coaches that give free training advices by organizing coaching sessions.


The pros: you don’t have to pay any extra fee to get the advices from these coaches. By registering yourself in a triathlon club, you also get to share your experience with other triathletes, and learn many possibilities, details or training methods no one else can teach you.


The cons: there are little chances to get a specific training program or advice.


Training camps


Training camps are common especially in Europe during the winter times. These camps are usually run by professional coaches that are there to boost your training routine and give you some extra and sometimes specific advises. The best part; you are all the time together since the training is usually performed indoors.


The pros: this is considered to be a great way to get some professional and yet individual training tips. You don’t need to pay any additional fee to get these one-to-one advices.


The cons: since you will probably prefer staying in these training camps to get more and more advices, chances are for you to feel way too comfortable and forget what is like learning to self-train yourself. When the time to go home comes, you will probably feel lost and unable to perform everything you supposedly learned in the training camp.



Internet-based training coaches


In this case, you reach a coach through internet and he/she provides a training plan online for you to reach. Your communication, despite its frequency, is made through online platforms such as Skype etc. The training must be long or short-term and usually the fee you have to pay won’t make you go broke.


The pros: this training method gives you access to a wide range of training coaches. You can even choose more than one at the same time. It doesn’t matter where they live; if you like them, they can be your coaches any time!


The cons: it might be difficult to fully and properly train someone through internet. Even though there are many methods followed to make the distance be OK, sometimes, depending on triathlete’s needs, internet coaching can really be just a waste of time.


Triathlon coach

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