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How swimming affects your arthritis?

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Arthritis is a disease that can affect almost anyone, at every age. It causes your joints to become less capable to handle any type of movement. Arthritis causes disturbing pain on your joints and drops your energy levels by almost 50 percent.


That is why, when trying to find a suitable physical activity that can potentially deliver reduced symptoms that arthritis causes, studies and simple logic made people believe swimming is one of the best types of exercises you can do! Not only swimming; but other water-based exercises and moves are proved to be quite beneficial when it comes to fighting arthritis.


Did you know that while you’re swimming, around 90 percent of your total body weight is handled by the water? This relatively weightless condition that water causes help your joints to feel less affected. Also, the pain you commonly feel when having arthritis, is shown to be reduced by almost 40 percent.


On the other hand, when you’re swimming, your muscle structure and their strength is being regulated. Swimming is able to properly maintain your joint’s structure in place by making them stronger, more efficient and eventually more capable to handle different moves.



Other training options in the water…


If swimming is something you don’t like doing, or if you like to add some extra effort when trying to fight or prevent arthritis, then, don’t worry. There are some other water-based exercises you can try and get almost the same benefits you can get by swimming. They are:


–  Aqua aerobics that involves aerobic moves performed inside the water. The best part of aqua aerobic exercises is that they work on your lower, mid-section and upper-body as well. You only need 10 minutes of warm up moves and you’re ready to go. An expert can better determine your condition, types of exercise you should perform and the level you should start from.


–  Aqua-jogging is another water-based type of exercise that can really work in fighting arthritis. When compared to the normal jog, aqua-jogging has the ability to lessen your joint’s weight by over 50 percent! Making them more flexible and ensuring your joints won’t be overused.



Final thoughts…


Since arthritis is such a common disease affecting more than 10 million people only in UK, chances for you to suffer from most common forms of arthritis are quite high. Unfortunately, people don’t take this condition very seriously until its’s too late.


Arthritis affects your hands, knees, spine and hips.  If you’re still not quite convinced about the actions you must take to prevent this disease from affecting you, then, think about all the side effects it can bring you after being too late. Struggling to make a move and an increased stiffness is something no one wants.


But in order to make this never happen to you, being active without overusing your joints, eating a healthy well-balanced diet, are the first, essentials steps you need to take before the only thing left to do, is trying to reduce its symptoms…



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