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4 things no one tells you when you start training



Everyone, whether an athlete, bodybuilder or someone who is just trying to lose weight, has to experience the first training phase where everything seems difficult to be performed. There is nothing wrong about that. Starting a new thing makes you learn a lot and be able to get better with time. But, when first starting at ground zero, there are some essential things you should know before getting yourself into a training program.


Even before learning the bare essential things, you still have to know how some things are done and most importantly, what to expect! Despite the fact there are many things you have to experience for yourself and then learn from your mistakes, at least, have a look at some of them so you can better prepare yourself mentally and physically before you get to experience any consequence.



You will gain some weight


Yes, in the first few months, if you keep training regularly, you will eventually gain some weight. That is why, despite you might seem thinner and in shape, the muscles you will start to build actually weight much more than fat you will get to lose. So, when you start training, despite what kind of training you’re doing or how many times a week, if it’s precise and professional, then, it will give its results in less than three months. As soon as you start losing all your extra weight and fat, your muscles will take that place and you will look fitter but will weight a little bit more.  So, next time you check the scale, don’t freak out by the number it will show.



You will eat a lot!


And by a lot, we mean a loot!!! Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel like you are about to gain weight and become less physically able to train than you actually were before starting it. It doesn’t work like that.  Don’t expect to eat the same amount of food and keep following the same diet if you change your lifestyle and include training in it. All the energy and time you spend while training requires enough nutritional reserves to keep you strong, and to be able to fully perform each exercise you start doing. Muscles cannot function if you don’t have all the necessary proteins, carbs and fats reserved into your system. So, next time you hit the gym or your training field, don’t skip a decent meal filled with carbs, proteins and good fats.



You will feel demoralized


And you will probably want to quite since the first month of training. It’s completely normal to want that. Did you know that almost half of people, when first start training, quit in less than 3 months? Yes! And then, almost half of them get back to their training program… You cannot escape that if your goal is to lose weight, be healthy and fit, trying for a marathons or anything that requires you to stick with training.



You will literally feel pain


At least during the first and second week, you will certainly feel pain through all of your body. It’s completely normal and you probably knew that. But, what you don’t know is that this pain sometimes becomes really strong and you can barely move your legs. If you have never been training before in your life, doing any kind of exercise means your muscles will be sore. You will experience muscle stiffness, aching pains and also, tenderness of your muscles to the level I really hurts. Good news is, this condition in your body will probably last less than a week.



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