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Worst foods to eat for breakfast


Everyone knows skipping breakfast is one of the worst things to do when trying to live a healthy, well-balanced life. Being in shape never requires you to not eat the right number of meals or the right amount of foods. The key is to know what to include in your diet and when to include specific elements.

Choosing to consume a healthy breakfast does not only guarantee you to keep your fitness level on track, but also brings you a tone of health benefits. Cancer and diabetes are only two of many life-threating diseases a healthy breakfast can fight.


A normal, healthy-oriented breakfast that guarantees benefits is the one that includes protein, fiber and healthy fat. Consuming these elements will not only pack some good energy sources to handle the day, but also will make you feel full for a longer period of time and prevent possible weight gain and chronic diseases.

Find below some of the worst choices to make for breakfast. Some of the below-mentioned foods might seem healthy, but, when consumed in the morning, they work in a quite opposite way for your overall health.



Butter or margarine on toast


Toast topped with butter or margarine is one of the favorite breakfast choices. But, despite the fact this choice might seem healthy since it doesn’t contain sugar or any “unhealthy” declared fat; it still is not a good breakfast choice.


This is because the bread you’ve chosen is probably made with refined flour. This type of bread provides you zero nutritional values (a really small amount of fibers that don’t actually count). Also, on the other hand, choosing toast with butter or margarine is a high-in-refined-carbs option that is considered to be unhealthy as well. These types of carbs promote blood sugar levels and make your craving levels increase in each following meal.



Fruit juice


Yes, we know this might sound absurd, but, unfortunately, it is true. Fruit juices are considered to be one of the worst breakfast choices available. Especially fi you’re trying to avoid the hunger feeling, fight chronic diseases and skip possible weight gain.


If you don’t prepare the fruit juice at home, then, the harm is twice as large as it would be if the juice was homemade. The truth is both, homemade and purchase fruit juice contains a large amount of sugar. Consuming these large amounts of sugar varieties has the same effect as if you were drinking a normal sweetened beverage.

Since fruit juices contain no fat or fiber, this means the sugar they contain won’t be properly and fully absorbed, causing your blood sugar level to significantly increase. High sugar level increases the chances of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Always incorporate fruits or small amount of juice along with other essential component such as proteins, fibers and fat.





You should know that most of the available cereals are high in sugar and low in protein and fiber. That’s why, chances for your stomach to send you hunger signals shortly after eating breakfast, are high. If you want to learn more about cereals and why they are not your best breakfast choice available, have a look at this article.

Flavored non-fat yogurt


Keep in mind that yogurt is actually good for you. But, flavored, non-fat yogurt is not since they are not equally crated as the normal yogurt. Flavored yogurt varieties can potentially pack as much sugar as a piece of chocolate cake! Plus, on the other hand, skipping the fat means you have more chances to gain weight since fat is actually a necessary value to help your body absorb sugars and other not-so-healthy elements.



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