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Inside you doctor’s kitchen: 5 foods to never eat!

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Have you ever though what foods physicians specialized in weight management and nutritionists never have in their kitchen?  Even though you might have often heard that there is no “bad” or “good” food, there are still some foods that are strongly lacking in positive nutritional values and they are best to be completely avoided from your diet. Especially when you’re trying to lose the extra weight or, most importantly, trying to be as healthy as you can.

Not knowing what to avoid, and ending up consuming certain unhealthy foods too often, is a dangerous thing that puts you in a big risk for any health-related issue. But, don’t worry, below you can find the 5 foods that doctors and nutritionists hardly consume into their everyday diet, and you should also do the same.



White bread


white bread


The truth about white bread, is that is doesn’t have any nutritional value at all! Yes, now you know too! It’s filled with unnecessary sugar and it doesn’t have the ability to keep your cravings satisfied for more than 2 hours. That is why, many studies have shown people that consume white bread on their daily basis, are more likely to consume a larger amount of bread and they can gain more than 10 pounds over a period of 10 years.

Ideally, you should always try to replace white bread with whole grain or whole wheat bread if you want to get as many health benefits from the bread you consume while you keep your weight in shape.



Soft drinks


soft drinks


These products are probably the first that passed through your mind since the beginning. But, have you taken them seriously? Did you know that only a bottle of any kind of soft drink such as soda contains more than 13 teaspoons of white sugar? They are the biggest source of concentrated sugars and are extremely acidic. This means, they are your teeth’s biggest nightmare. Overweight, obesity, high blood glucose levels are only some of the disadvantages you risk to get from consuming them.



Vegetable oils


olive oil


Just for the notice, we are not talking about olive oil. We are talking about other vegetable blended oils that do not only offer too little nutritional values; they are also primarily made up of saturated fat.  This kind of fat, when consumed often, and daily, increases the risks of heart diseases. This happens mostly because vegetable oils, in the blend, obtain palm oil which is well-known for its high level of saturated fat. Also, same goes for the margarine that is almost the same thing like vegetable oils.



Processed meats


meat product


Processed meats contain high amount of nitrates and preservatives which may significantly cause type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Protein is a very important element in everyone’s diet. You cannot be fully healthy if you skip this protein. That is why, it is important for you to know what the best sources to get protein are. Experts recommend you to always skip the sub-products of meat and always aim for the real deal. Consume eggs (no more than 5 eggs per week), salmon, and other fish types, chicken and red, lean meat that come from a grass-fed animal.



Salad dressings


salad dressing


Especially the cream-based ones. When eating a salad, we assume it is a healthy, light meal with important elements for our body.  Well, that is true. But, it’s the dressing you use for a salad the one that is doing you harm. Despite this type of dressing can add a lot of extra flavor to the salads, it is crucial to never forget they are loaded in unhealthy fats and calories that we should always skip. Try to replace the cream-based salad dressing with the oil-based ones (olive oil).


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