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How to increase your cycling pace? Learn the basics

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Getting faster when cycling requires serious changes, commitment and maybe some dollars spent. But, don’t worry, the tips we’ve brought for you on this article don’t require the last component. Just a few riding adjustments that you can totally, without the need for help, do.


Being faster and more efficient is what every cyclist wants. After all, this is all sports are about right? Good news is, no matter your athletic level or talent, there are always some ways that can guarantee you a faster, more efficient cycling performance so you can please your ego to the fullest.



Practice interval training


If you don’t want to seek other expensive options to work on your riding speed such as hiring a fancy coach or purchasing a new kit, then, the first thing you should do is reorganizing your training plan.


Interval training is a great way to work on your speed. This due to the fact you can yield a high reward for a small amount of time and work. You don’t have to do more than two or three hours threshold intervals at a time just to see your increased power.


High intensity trainings are not only tough on your body but also on your mind. Focusing to keep your riding level the same for longer period of times, can be really difficult. That is why; splitting your training into pieces is a smart thing to do if you really want to work on your speed.



Try to lose some pounds


Losing weight is also another measure you can take to increase your riding speed. It will really make a difference… Less weight means you will need less energy and strength to move against the gravity force. Also, when your body size is smaller, the size of air punched when riding is also smaller making your riding speed faster and more efficient.


Remember, we’re not advising you to become obsessed with drastic diets and training routines to lose weight. Skipping a teaspoonful of sugar you put on your coffee or tea or even increasing your riding or training routine by at least 20 minutes, can really make a difference on your weight.



Listen to your playlist


Create a playlist with songs you love and you know they can give your mood a boost. It’s time to stop wondering what you can do, and put your headset next time you’re riding to see the real difference on your riding pace.


Having all your senses active while riding is necessary in order to keep yourself safe from traffic or other risks. But, if you know your riding route will not include any risky part, then, plenty of research show that listening to your favorite music significantly reduces your perceived level of effort. If you really want to make an impact on your riding speed, try to choose rhythmical, fast-pacing music.



Bend your elbows


The first, biggest thing that slows down your cycling speed is the wind. The wind resistance is also the number one factor on your tiredness feeling. That is why, it is important to find some efficient ways to reduce the frontal area as much as you can while riding so you can slice more easily in the wind.

The first, simplest method is to lower the position of your body while on the bike. Don’t sit up straight. Try to lower your upper body closer to the bike’s bars by bending your elbows. The difference will be immediate.



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